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Started by @JamiMilsap - the game is simple: 1. Create a card about any drama you want - hopefully not too obscure though 2. Give any combination of hints using photos, gifs, OSTs, parodies, or descriptions 3. Whoever guesses the answer first gets to create the next card!
He was the main lead and this is a scene from this drama. it is an older one
She was the main actress. Her character found out she only had so much time left to live and wanted to enjoy the rest of her life
he is the second male lead that always had a crush on her from childhood. He is her doctor.
these are some of her coworkers at the travel agency and one becomes her salsa teacher
I really think this gif will give it away if the others don't.
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@VeronicaArtino Loved this!!! Good card!! lol! Maybe this game has played itself out if the same people just keep having to make cards. That's probably tiring! @biancadanics98 @KDSnKHJ
Fine. I'll do one. Hopefully it'll be super hard.
@KDSnKHJ :-D:-D:-D. Thank you! That's so nice! If you need a break next time remember to let someone else get the answer! Lol
@jamimilsap Actually it's fun but I hafta think abt my clues...
omg I haven't seen this either!!