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Thanks @JamiMilsap for this awesome Challenge! I chose more than one because I wanted to put the classics that I enjoyed in this card. My favorite from this list is Coffee Prince!

I didn't include "My Girl" in this list but I liked that one too! I ordered them from year of realise date.

My Lovely Sam Soon - 2005

I recently watched this drama and I loved. I had no idea Hyun Bin was in it which made me love it even more because his dimples were everywhere. This drama is the oldest drama I've seen and it's really different from the other dramas I've seen. It was really funny too.

Goong (Princess Hours) - 2006

I love everything about this show. Yoon Eun Hye is in it and she's one great actress. The main leads were so adorable. I felt like I was watching a cute high school love story and the romance between these two is so cute! I love this show alot. Did I mention that the main lead is super handsome?

Coffee Prince - 2007

"Coffee Prince" is one of my all time favorites. It's so cute and funny with very good looking guys in it. "Gong Yoo" is very handsome! The kisses were perfect and the main leads had amazing chemistry together. This is a must watch.

Boys Over Flowers - 2009

This was my 2nd kdrama and I loved it, I actually got the VIKI app to finish watching this and fell in love with it even more. I found my #1 love in the drama world named Lee Min Ho, he's so cute and so is this drama except the kisses were horrible. The only good kiss was the "mouth to mouth kiss"!
"You're Beautiful" is an extra on my list, it's from 2010 and I love this one alot too! I mean it has Jang Geun-Suk and Park Shin-Hye in it, of course I loved this one!!!

Tagging my Kdrama Fam!

YESSSS!!!!! Coffee Prince is definitly my fav of the group too!
yes I've watched every single one you have on this card
Loved every single one of these!! Fantastic card @biancadanics98! Thank you for sharing!! ♡♡♡
these are all my fave dramas my first batch of dramas samsoon very first
my favorite is 'my name is Kim sam soun ' .
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