Nothingness gave way to an unusually vivid dream. Bethany was atop a hill, under a full moon, before a standing mirror. The dreamscape felt familiar, like she had visited this reality before. The pale light framed her face in her reflection. She lifted a hand to her face, as though to touch the moonlight, but her reflection did not move her own hand. Perplexed, Betany tilted her head back and forth, and waved her hands. The doppleganger did not move. Guttural howling pierced through the night around her. She spun, searching for the creature that loosed such a terrifying sound. Suddenly, her reflection moved, reaching out and pulling her into consciousness. Betany found herself in the back seat of an SUV. Carter was in front of her, at the wheel, and the other man was in the seat beside her, watching her every move quite intently. She quickly did a personal inventory. She was still in her pajamas, and they didn't seem to have been tampered with, which gave her some small reassurance. They had even secured her in a seat belt. *Do I really have a sister?* she wondered, as she ran fingers through her coppery hair. There was no woozy sensation or pain anywhere, so she was a little confused by how she had passed out, if it was not drugs. She glanced at the man beside her, and he was still staring, with a slight twist of a grin. Somehow, the dream had sparked her curiosity and quelled most of her anxiety. Confusion tickled at the back of Betany's mind. She knew she should be mortified. She should be trying to get away. She knew she didn't trust these guys. Yet, she felt like she trusted them. "Please, don't freak out. My name is Michael Mullins, I'm your sister's assistant. I know you feel a little weird, right now," the blue-eyed hawk calmly remarked. "I had to subdue you, for your safety. We're on the way to your sister's safe house right now. She will explain everything."
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looking forward to it
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wow this is good
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@buddyesd Thank you! Did you get to read the other two first? I think I should have just tagged on the first one and then linked to the subsequent ones.
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not yet, I'm about to
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