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This is a new segment that i will be starting. It will be covering all the Big Bang News of the week that you may or may not have missed. And this week in particular has been a bit busy for the boys
but mainly....for GTOP
GTOP are currently killing it in paris♡♡ TOP's been rocking the white hair style before switching it up to a soft pastel purple♡♡
But GD also like to party he been chilling out with Soojoo because as we know it is fashion week in Paris and Soojoo is a Queen so of couse she there♡
The Bang Bang Bang Music Video has hit 100 million views! !
but thats not all, on the V app Big Bang has also received 2 million followers!!
GD has been rocking an new set of 6 teeth Grills from fangophilia ♡
Lets not forget about G's obsession! With our little Sponge friend of course lol
But the party doesn't stop there first Taeyang and now GD!!! GD will also be covering Winners song "Baby Baby" before it officially releases on February 1st
Do you see this hoodie he's wearing...WELL ITS ACTUALLY FOR SALE♡♡ In the Colette store!
A fan asked if there will be anymore sightings of TOPs abs and he replied by saying "No"
but dont be sad be apparently we can looking forward to seeing TOP in another movie before enlistment !!!
Friday, GDragon and Taeyang invested more than 2 Million USD in YG subsidiaries
Is there any news that I missed that you guys would like me to cover??
I'll see you guys again new week with another #GossipMan
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@MichelleIbarra in the movie Tazza u see him shirtless for like a whole scene
@MichelleIbarra Yea in Tazza 2 you can see him full on SHIRTLESS!! (Its free on DramaFever)
tag please
No Abs... from TOP...., I want some popcorn from GD