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for real?? got damn, where where where is he??? he's more then welcome to stay over at my place, hahahahhahaha!!!! OMG, he is soo FUCKING!! yep i said, FUCKING HOT!!!! *fans myself*....
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@cheerfulcallie WAHAHAHAHA I knew you'd get all hot and bothered. I thought about posting his other pics up after I heard about him. He is really freaking handsome.
5 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie i just looked it up he is from dubai and he was kicked out of saudi arabia for beeing too handsome,the saudi arabian gov thought he would make the women go crazy! like you lmao
5 years ago·Reply
@laratcheta @YinofYang im just seeing these msgs, now, uuhhh WTF??? anyways, ill forever remember his name OMAR BORKAN AL GALA, he's freaken HOT and tall...6'4...all HOTNESS!!! i need to go and stalk him now!!!
5 years ago·Reply
@cheerfulcallie LMFAO! You already are stalking him! You abducted him into your harem and everything!
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