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my boyfriend gave me this for valentines day last year I don't know what he's planning this year but I wanna get him something really good!!! any ideas ?? anything would be helpful XD
@allobaber yeah he likes anime && video games just like I do but you should make a card on gift ideas please xD
OHMYGOSH. I saw the picture and didn't read the heart until I clicked on it. hahaha so good! he sounds like a cool dude
I totally should write a card about Valentine's day gift ideas for boyfriends!! I bet a lot of people have the same question! XD @sofetchliz you could get him something fun from his favorite anime or game! What kind of stuff is he into?
Lol!! I love the bear's sassy message hahaha. And wait... are those... pokéball flowers?!?!?!? HE IS AMAZING
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