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Was tagged in this so of course since we're one big family here are more facts about myself✌️💕

1.i love the color pink 2. I LOVE trucks (seriously when I see nice trucks I look at them like there hot guys passing by 😂😂 I'm weird I know I just really love trucks! They are beautiful and safer than small cars) 3.i have 5 tattoos ( more to come) 4. I've always loved Australia/Korea(Asian culture in general) since birth 5. I'm studying Korean (all self taught and getting better everyday lol) and used to study Japanese 6.im 20 7. I have a huge fear of heights......and crashing in planes.......yet I love flying 😂 8. I'm known as the animal vet so when my friends animals are sick or they find stray animals in the first one they call 9. Music is my life! There isn't a single moment that I'm not listening to music , 10. I really like rap music 11. I LOVE animal print a lot 12. I could honestly live off of flaming hot Cheetos , cheese and snowballs💕 13. I'm currently saving so I can go study in Korea 14. I love the outdoors....hate bugs but I love hiking, camping , fishing etc 15. I absolutely Love Korean music, culture, food!!! And most importantly Kwon Jiyong is my love💕

I love jalapeño cheetos but I can't stand the flaming ones lol that's the fact that stood out 😅
I loved this!
heheh love it!!!
@MadAndrea lol I like the jalapeño but they aren't spicy enough
@CreeTheOtaku @Jiyongixoxo im scared to just stand up in a chair...
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