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Now if you are like me I find out news much later than others but....that's because I don't look at my twitter as much We all know that this event already passed and hopefully get something to watch....well these are screen shots that I got off of Instagram and I am in tears!!!!
NEXT ALBUM???? TOUR DATES???!!!!! YES ARMYS BTS ANNOUNCED THAT THEY WILL BE HAVING A RED BULLET PART 3 IN THE US!!!!!! I am in tears hopefully I could see them because I missed them last time and ahhhhh *frantic screeching* I am emotional and I just Hope for the best!!!!!
If you find anything else please tell me I am also late to everything 😭 I missed their last concert in the US and I don't plan on missing it again!
Omg my heart can take missing the EXO'lution concert but if I miss bts I'm going to die 💀😭
@ParkMinRin13 heh its okay ^~^ @mariadelzam aww you're welcome just sharing what I found @krin Ahhh I know right I wonder when its going to be @christianliu yes heh ^~^
i'm making a savings account right now so i have enough money for one of the best seats.
@saraortiz2002 yes the tour will include the US heh only korean fans know that right now @Ercurrent me too!!!
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