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My answer is No. Flat out No. I can't do it, just because I know I am a overachiever, spiteful, pain in the ass. I need a person to balance me out. Not to try to out do my awesomeness... There can only be one!
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He was one of my closest friends other half and we would joke that we were the male and female versions of each other :) pretty amusing as we had tons of the same ways!
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@AlloBaber I dated a guy that was 6 '11 lol it was hilarious and cute.. Aww he was a nice guy that had a cute cat. I forgot why I gave him the stop ✋ lol so many years ago. My current bf is 6'1
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@AlloBaber because a strong personality means we are both über stubborn and simply can't get along
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naaaa i couldn't handle another me 😂😂😂
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I like dating people who are the opposite of me actually. so meeting myself I fee like would just make me really weirded out. lol
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