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Hey guys!! So i hope I still have time to get this in. Was not expecting this snow at all and we have been bunkered down with my mom at her house, so i been a little off of doing my lazy day routines. Got admit, this hunt was a little challenging. Here is what i found:
*pic or gif of Big Bang pre-show hand ritual*
*pic of my least favorite Taeyang hairstyle* So this picture of his Monster hairstyle is my least favorite because it looks like two Little Debbie Swiss Roll cakes on top of his head.
*video of Big Bang in recording studio* This is of GD, T.O.P and Park Bom.
*my favorite pic of one of the members dressed as a woman* So this pic I really like because as you can see it actually has all of them dressed like women. Honestly they can be ranked. To me this is the ranking: 1. Gdragon 2. Seungri 3. Daesung 4. Taeyang 5. T.O.P How would you rank them??
*pic of G dragon most outrageous outfit, in my opinion* Seriously this outfit has all 4 seasons. Lol, Extra pic I thought was interesting and cute.
*pic of all 5 members signatures*
*Seungri Panda fan art*
*video of any combination of BB speaking English*
*pic of pillow TOP from MADE Naver V Broadcast* This was hard to find. I have an extra pic of some pillows I would like to own.
*Five diffrent pictures of crayons* Ok, this one confused me a bit. I wasn't sure if i was to find pics of crayons or if i was to find pics of gdragon's crayon video sooooo, i did both. lol,
*gif of Daesung dancing goofy*
*Make Helixx Laugh: Big Bang funny moments*
*video of another idol group reacting to Big Bang performance at an award show* This is BTS reaction to Bang Bang Bang from Mama Awards 2015.
*Make Helixx Laugh Again: Non- Big Bang Version*
Well that's it guys. I hope you enjoyed @btsbulletproof @satinskies
The Mod Squad: My Infinite 2013 and 2016 cards will be on the way. Just gotta wait til this snow clears because all my pics from the 2013 are on my computer at home. But stay tuned. I'm tagging all of you on both. This is a little teaser tho. From Tuesday 1/19/2016, New York. @jiyongleo @helixx @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @kwonofakind
This was great. I love your creative solution to the crayon quandary. Great job on the final extra credit. And, I'm looking forward to your Infinite cards!
thank you so much 😊 @helixx