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I may not be the best writer, but hey this is for fun, right? Along the way, I will be writing a bit of promiscuity but not in this part. So, be forewarned. part 1:http://www.vingle.net/posts/1368968?shsrc=v
I wake up, wondering where I am and why I am so warm even though I get cold on airplanes. I look at my pillow and find that I'm resting my head on Chanyeol's chest. I look up and meet his eyes and I tried to get off him but he pulls me down. "It's ok, we still have 1 hour to go. Go back to sleep." I look at him and then I look around me and I notice Kris is laying on me. His arm drapes around my legs, so I look back at Chanyeol and he says, "Yea, I know, that's why I don't want you to get up. Hyung is really tired and he needs the rest. Trust me." I nod. "Umm... Ok.....but...I'm awake now....I can't fall asleep...." Chanyeol looks down at me and I look away, 'Geez, he's gonna think I hate him, Come on Jinny, say something.' "Umm...Chanyeol, can I ask you a favor?" "Depends on the favor." "Umm, Can you grab my phone? If I move, Kris will wake up." Chanyeol takes a moment and says "Where is it?" "In the back pocket of my jeans...can you see it?" He reaches for it and grabs it. He looks at my phone and starts to type something. "What are you doing?" My hands that have been cradled on my chest, start to slither up his chest, when he puts my phone in the air, he asks me, "What are YOU doing, Jinny?" He smirks. I blush, "I'm trying to get my phone back." I hear a beep and I look up to see he has two phones. "I just sent myself a text, that way I have your number..." I look up to his face and realized I was pretty close to him and I back up a little. He continues, "In case, you get bored sightseeing and you wanna hang out...unless you don't want me to." "NO, I mean, of course I'll hang out with you...I just thought you didn't want to hang out with me, that's all." "Why would you think that?" "Umm cuz I'm not your average pretty Korean girl." 'I can't believe I just said that, what is wrong with me? I may not be a pretty asian girl but I got something they can't be born with... my curves.' "...pretty." That's what I heard him say. I looked at him and I said, "What? I'm sorry, what did you say?" 'I can't believe I tuned him out' "I said, I think your pretty." "Oh." 'Wait a minute...did he just say I'm pretty...' I snapped my attention to his face and I saw him blushing, which made me blush, and naturally I looked down. Right then, the Intercom announced that we will be landing in 5 minutes, fasten your seat belts, it is 6 pm KST, yada yada yada. I turned to face Kris, since his head is resting on my shoulder. I gently shake him and I try to sit up straight, that's when he nuzzles his face to my neck and wraps his arms around my waist. I'm so shocked it takes me a moment to come down to Earth. Chanyeol looks at me and I am so lost as to what to say, so I try to wake Kris up and he actually kisses my neck. 'OMO OMO OMO' "Kris, you need to wake up, you have to put your seat belt on. The plane is landing." I felt Kris stir up and he picks up his head out of my neck and looks at me. 'He looks so cute...do no think like that Jinny' "Jinny, you are so comfortable and warm and you smell real goood." Kris detaches his arms and he winks at me. At his words, I blushed. "Hey Jinny, can I borrow your phone real quick, I need to check something, my phone's not on me." "Oh...yeah, sure" I grab moomoo from Chanyeol and our hands graze each other and he looks at me and I can feel him stare at me, I slowly lift my eyes to meet his and he looks out the window, ruffling his hair. I turn around and I see Kris looking at me, his expression unnerved me, cuz I didn't know him well enough to say if he was mad, serious, or just plain faced. He hands over my phone, I look at my phone and I see that he texted himself too. Kris leans over to whisper in my ear, 'OMG, my ears are so sensitive.' with that thought I bit my lip, "I was awake the whole time, I think your beautiful, not just pretty. If you bite your lips again, I'm going to kiss you as punishment." He puts on his headphones and smiles to himself. Me, on the other hand, I'm so flushed right now, that I start fanning myself. 'I know that Kris is not looking at me but that smug face he got for making me feel this way, I'm gonna get him back two-fold. Oh geez, is Chanyeol looking at me?' I take a peek and he's staring at me like WTF is wrong with her. ***At the airport*** Jasmine: So, I saw you talking to those guys, wanna tell me or do I have to tickle it out of you? Me: Jasmine, nothing happened...just kidding. OMG. I got their numbers without even asking for it. *beep* I look down and I see a bunch of messages. Julie approaches us, while we wait at the luggage claim area. Julie: Hey, Jinny. Did you see the huge crowd at front? Me: No, Why? What happened? Did someone pass out? Terrorist? Julie: No, *chuckles* I think there some famous people around. It's mostly girls in the crowd. Me: Oh, thank God, nothing bad. Jasmine: So???? You gonna tell or what? Julie: Tell what? What happened, what did I miss? Me: Oh, nothing, I just got two guys phone numbers and they already texting me. Look! *I show them the text messages.* Is it weird to think that they are messaging me right after I got off the plane? Julie: No, we, Koreans, tend to start messaging you a lot so we can get to know each other and see if we want to be more than just friends. Me: Oh, ok. I don't want to be rude and not respond, thanks Jules. What time is it, I'm starving. Julie: I think 6:30 pm. We should get something to eat once we get out of here. I nod. I look at my luggage that comes from the black hole and I notice that Kris and Chanyeol are surrounded by other good looking guys. I point at them and tell my girls that's them. Kris notices me and starts heading my way. The other guys notice this and start talking among themselves, Chanyeol looks up and sees me and start to walk towards me, then the whole group follows. Julie: Jinny, those guys are famous!! I can't believe you got their numbers. You're so lucky. I whip my head towards her, back to Kris, then to the group of hot guys walking my way. Me: Are YOU serious? Kris reached me and smiled and said, "Hey, are you waiting for your luggage, too?" "Oh yeah..." *awkward laugh*. In the corner of my eye, I see my luggage pass by me. "Oh no, my bag..." I sprint forward and grab the bag but its kinda heavy, when all of a sudden, it's lifted up and set on the floor. Kris and Chanyeol both standing next to my bag, "OH thank you, guys. It was kind of heavy." "No problem, Jinny..." Chanyeol said at the same time Kris said, "You're welcome, Jinny." My friends grab their bags to meet me and the group of boys also came. One short guy comes up to Chanyeol and says, "Who's this pretty lady?" Chanyeol looks at him and introduces me. "Hi, Jinny!" was said in unison by the group. Each of them introduce themselves. But there was too many to remember. I introduced them to my sister and friend, I told them the reason why we are here is to meet my future brother-in-law. Kris nudges me and asks, "Is he here waiting for you or is he gonna pick you up?" I look up at him and I think to myself, 'This guy is famous, Jinny. You guys are never gonna be, so don't delude yourself, stay realistic. But why does he have to be so FINE, though.' "Ummmm....Oh yeah, umm, we were gonna drive to the hotel to meet him tomorrow morning. He can't leave the base today." Kris smiles and grabs my luggage and starts walking. I feel something next to me, I look over and Chanyeol smiles at me and says, "Let's go!". I look at him confused, "Go where?". He signals to Kris and says, "Wherever Kris Hyung is going." With that said, he starts walking with his group members, 'What just happened?' Jasmine: What's going on? Julie: Where are we going? Me: I don't even know. But he has my stuff, so I'm guessing we just have to follow him. 'I hope this week won't cause any troubles for me' *Little did I know what fate has in store for me*
I had my little sister read half of this and she's like, tomorrow, I'm going to read it and follow you. She is so cute. Please leave me comments on what you think. Is it too short, too long, not enough feels? anything is good with me. Thank you for liking this. Have a Blessed day.

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