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Her breath is minty. She always smells like she came right out of a perfume store. By feeling her clothing I can tell she dressed in a very expensive dress. Her voice sounds like someone I heard before but don't remember. She calls my mom almost everyday and asks how she's holding up with me. At my own disappointment it wasn't Eun Seul, she never liked dressing in fancy clothing and knowing how she is around me I don't think she could ever place a foot in the house again. Instead it was her mother, Nina Lee. She's a very strong woman. She never needed help with anything because she always says "I'm as strong as a bull". I once considered her my role model. Someone who I can follow in footsteps because she was my mother's older sister. But it all soon went away. Her breath had become eerie, she no longer dressed in fancy clothing and she doesn't speak to me much. Maybe she has grown old or she just doesn't care. I remember one day she told me: "Your mother cares about you, she loves you more than her own life. But now, she doesn't care for you as much and I've always wondered why. She once told me that Eun Seul made her happy and she loved how the 2 of you had become far more than just cousins. But after the accident....... with that unlucky little girl she stopped. But she never let go of the feeling of motherhood. She made me feel like I wasn't a good mother towards Eun Seul. Now you know who's fault it really was.": After she said those words to me I never felt the same about her. She had pierced a hole right through my heart at the thought of my own mother loving my cousin more than her actual daughter. There are many reasons to hate aunt Nina but her being her, no one could hate her forever. What was it about that accident that made her have a change of heart?, I know that what Eun Seul did broke her but who was the girl that got hurt to make her turn into someone else. There was a guy, a guy whom I had met back in 4th grade (3 years before the accident). He was my only male friend and the second one to stand by me when I lost my eye sight. Unlike Eun Seul, he came over almost every week and sometimes he would stay with me until the next day. We are grown up now, in our early 20s, but somehow when we were around each other...... it feels like we were still kids. He was not there when the accident happened but when he heard about it he couldn't stop crying. I never knew why he was crying, maybe he knew the girl who got hurt and cared about her or maybe it was because of plain coincidence. His name is Chanyeol. He's always a happy person, nice to everyone and was really good at playing instruments. He tought me how to draw with out having to "look" at the paper, just imagine what I was drawing in my head and then when I feel the paper, draw it. But then, I never heard from him again as all of that happened 3 years ago when I was just 19. He never called or anything and just disappeared. And as if that wasn't bad enough, Eun Seul had also left. Aunt Nina and her went back to China and hadn't come back. I was just here, sitting on my bed and drawing away my sadness.
can you tag me in the next chapter? this is amazing!
Will you tag me in the next chapter?
I love your stories. Their always deep. ☺️
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