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Darkness. Darkness surrounds me. Draining any whisper of hope from my beaten shell of a body. I watch crestfallen as my plan falls to shambles. All around me, my lifes work, decimated, demolished. He has won. There is nothing that I can do to stop him. He truly is the ruler of the world. My leader was wrong. There is no salvation in evil. "It's over." I say aloud, voicing my opinions. Silently I slink into the shadows, and there I shall wait. For centuries perhaps. Millenia. Whenever his race is at its weakest I will strike, and bring them down. Destroy his creation right before his eyes. Ruin his dreams, laugh at his crestfallen face. Maker his only sons life worthless. A waste. He will cry, but none shall comfort him. There will be no praise for him sung, no prayers uttered, no worship or sacrifice. his work will be futile and his life a pointless existence. I will make him suffer, and he will pay. For he may be God. He may be representative of life.                        BUT I AM DEATH!