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Yesterday, Yesung has kept his promise and enlisted quietly. He asked both fans and Super Junior members not to come to send him off because the training area was far away, and that he didn't want to make it into a news headline. Despite knowing that, hundreds of fans, many were from overseas, showed up and patiently waited for Yesung, hoping for a proper goodbye. But as he wished for a quiet enlistment, Yesung did not exit from the car and instead drove straight to the enlistment site. He also wished to avoid media who in the end did not manage to snap a single photo of him. (hah, I don't feel bad for them at all) His last goodbye was from a tweet, saying “Thank you for coming so far.. I told you not to come.. Everyone, be healthy. See you again, ELF ^^”. Though Yesung did not appear, his parents showed up on his behalf and apologized to all the fans who came. They asked everyone to not cry, and that Yesung was sorry to make them wait. They personally came to all the buses to meet with fans. (His parents are so nice, no wonder Yesung has grown up to be such a wonderful person.) Though I feel sad to the fans who came all the way, I must say I feel proud that Yesung kept his promise. It's just who he is, one who only loves singing and doesn't want any attention for his own. And actually, on Sunday, he also dropped by his cafe Mouse Rabbit to say goodbye to fans but quickly went away because reporters were present at the cafe. Anyway, go and come back safely, Kim Jongwoon! <3
@dreamgirl I wish he would speak up more though he always does thing like this that's why he's never given any attention
Such admirable man <3