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All of the sudden you woke up into Namjoon's arms... You look up and see him looking down at you smiling, "Good Morning, Beautiful.." He whispered quietly. You blush and curl back into his chest.. He kisses your fore head repeatingly...You widened your eyes to see that your not in your house, you immediately get up and turn around to look at Namjoon with fear. "Where am I?" You asked. "My house, After you feel asleep I pciked you up and walk you here, I would have brought you to your house but I don't know where you live..Plus I couldn't just leave you there alone, It's not safe out there for a girl like you, so fragile and fair..." He told you... You just smile and tell him," Thanks for not abandoning me..." He walks in front of you and gives you a kiss on the cheek.. "So what do you want to do?" You ask him... He gives you a smirk "I have something in mind.." He shuts the door, locks it and walks over to you, sits next to you and puts his hand on your thigh, You were thinking he was gonna do something sexual.. He looks at you and gives you a peck kiss on your nose.. "Want to go to the movies?" You look at him in shock. "That's what you want to do?"
"Well, yeah duh... I'm not one of those guys that are freaks and treats girls wrong.." You exhale hardly in relief.. He holds your hand and brings you outside to see the sunshine.
"Well we should go.."You smile and walk beside him as he has his arm around your shoulders but he stops touching you and asks, "Do you mind if I touch you like that?"
"Of course Namjoon... I'm comfortable with you." You told him as you smile and look down.
He picks up your chin and asks you, "Can I touch your lips with mine?" You look at Namjoon and say, "You have my permission too." He leans in for the kiss, you closed your eyes so tight and run your fingers through his hair as he has his one hand on your hip and the other hand on the side of your face.. You keep stroking his hair and your other hand is on his chest. The kiss was light and soft then it became more passionate and heavy, You thought to yourself that he was a great kisser. You thought to yourself, I don't want it to end, never. But eventually it does. He pulls away to breathe and his finger is pulling your hair behind your ear. He hugs and and starts to kiss your neck as your guys are standing outside in public..." Umm Namjoon not right now.."
You push him back and look at him as he whispers into your ear, "Alright, but your neck is mine to suck on later..." You felt his excitement on waist.. You make him start walking with him and you guys get to the movie theaters and you look for a movie but you hear Namjoon telling you something, "How about we watch a scary movie?"
"See I don't like scary movies but I'll watch it with you.." He gives you a peck kiss... You guys walk into theater 3 and watch a korean movie called, "Voice."
During the movie, you got really scared and grab Namjoon's hand immediately.. He puts his hand under your chin, turning your head to the right to look at you and he leans in to kiss you by grabbing your face and pulling your face into his. He gives you a real passionate kiss, twisting and turning his tongue and your doing the same thing.. The movie is over now and Namjoon is walking you home, You guys get there and he is standing by the door and he is holding your hand and he leans in for a kiss but you out your finger over his lips and whisper to him, " How about you stay for the night.." He looks at you with a smirk, "Alright, ladies first.." He walks in after you and walks into your room. You both sit on your bed.. He oushes you back up, having your back exposed to him, he wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you into his lap, He starts kissing your neck passionately and stops to nuzzle into your neck. You complain to him telling him, "Oppa, I'm tired can I go to sleep?" He smiles and lets you, you both get under the sheets and sleep next to each other romantically.....
Now I just want to kiss him!!
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