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In this edition, you just need to guess the name of the country since it's pretty hard already to know where this is just from the single photo. @YinofYang @cheerfulcallie @Tapsamai @shoenami @selimhong
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too bad i cannot join the game this time. I guess cheerfulcallie got it right already :(
wow @cheerfulcallie ! are you a Geography Goddess or something? 0.o
Yeah, lol, I was like so sure nobody would be able to guess where it is since it's relatively remote and quite unknown and then BAM, @cheerfulcallie gets it right the very first time, lol
I would've guessed Russia or Ukraine... Good job @cheerfulcallie! I'm a geography buff but I would never have gotten this!
@cityofkyle if you havent realize this yet but im pretty damn awesome thats why...hey my sis @YinofYang will be more then happy to validate that fact for you, mmhh....hahahhahaha!!!!!