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So, let's see my Kpop Career Note: I did this on my phone and I couldn't zoom in on the categories, but I swear these are what I got
Company: Pledis. Not sure how I feel about that
Members: 4
Position: Vocalist They think I can sing!!!!
Genre: Electronic Ok, I can live with that
Collaboration with: Secret
Solo Career: Yes Yay!! I'm the best soloist (not)
Scandal: Twitter Wel, what did I do on twitter? Probably some dumb thing
Years Active: 7 7 amazing years!!
After Career: Start a family That sounds pretty great.
This turned out better than I thought. This was really fun to make. Thanks @KatelynnSummerso for sharing this with us!!! @thePinkPrincess, @JohnEvans, @chinabarrier16, @BabyLuhan, @ninjamidori, @AnimeKpopLover