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Hi guys, sorry i wasn't posting for a while. A lot of homework was during the week. But here you have part 5. I wrote a smut part for this chapter but debate on posting it. Comment below if you want me to post it. ENJOY.
Pt. 5
You woke up in Damon’s hands. You jumped up as soon as you realized what happened. “Good morning.” – said Damon with a smile. “You can’t stay here, I don’t want you here.” – you said to him as calm as you possibly could, you were not upset, you were angry. He knew what seeing him would do to you. You opened the door and threw his suitcase out with your eyes showing him that he should follow the suitcase. “You know I came here for you, right ?” – he said with surprise in his voice. “I am in love with another man and I am happy, I won’t let you ruin it.” – you said keeping the door wide open. “Who is he? Oh, no don’t tell me. I want this to be a surprise. Just know, I WILL get you back, no matter what.” – he said walking out of your apartment. You closed the door and slide down. You just stare nowhere, your mind is empty. You can’t think. Suddenly a phone call brings you back to reality. It’s Yoongi. “I want to see you, I miss you” – he said with his sleepy voice. You felt alive after his words and giggled. “I will be at your apartment in 20 minutes, don’t move.” – he said and hang up. You were so happy again. You opened the door to check if Damon was gone. He was. You felt some type of relief. You didn’t take his words seriously. You thought that he would just leave in a week or so. “Were you standing with and open door for 20 minutes, you silly?” He kissed you softly and walked in closing the door. “I want to go on a date with you. You know, restaurant, kisses, pictures and all that stuff. I want to make memories with you.” – he said shyly looking at his feet. “I need 30 minutes and we can go make memories.” – you said while running to the shower. You took a shower changed your clothes and put on some makeup. “I will go making memories without you if you won’t be ready in 10 minutes, he said impatiently. You walked out in a dress and hills looking stunning as hell. His jaw dropped. You were pretty sure he needed help closing it. “Let’s go.” – you said playfully. You two spend an amazing day together, you had to run away from fans couple of times but it was rather fun. Your feet hurt from hills but you didn’t care. While the two of you were watching sunset, he held your hand and said - “Will you stay with me?” “What do you mean? I’m not leaving.” – you were a little confused. “I want you to stay with me, forever. Promise me that you won’t leave me!”- he said with tears in his eyes. You hugged him – “I love you, why would I leave?” You two stood there for a while. You two decided that it was late and it was time to go home. He was walking you back home and at your doorstep you see Damon. He saw you two and was walking in your direction. You didn’t want them to meet. After what Yoongi said to you tonight, meeting Damon would be the worst possible thing ever. You kissed him really quick and said that you would call him tomorrow, you were too tired and needed to prepare for work. Yoongi didn’t think anything of it and left like a happy camper. You took off your hills and walked in the direction of Damon. He looked at you with disappointment – “Is that him? Wow. I thought I had some real competition here.” He pushed you against the door. “Don’t you miss me?” – he said while trying to come in for a kiss. You closed your eyes and turned you face away. You heard a loud punch and opened your eyes. You saw Yoongi rubbing his fist and Damon trying to hold on to his jaw.
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