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When you see a Korean person pass by you and you have the urge to tell him/her that you love Exo.
When your crush/ultimate bias notice you and you die.
Those earphones problems.
Jealousy, honey.
My Dream Bedroom. Follow the collection if you want more. Comment "Tag me" if you want to be tagged/updated in my "Exo Memes" posts. The Exo Memes squad: (Located here are the ones who wants to be tagged and the followers of the collection) @Beckah1327 @bryyyaanna @ChelseaGarcia @SugaOnTop @MomoChamie @yaya12 @GDsGF @fallchild @SugaKookies @AnaP @JaiiPanda
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The kpop fangirl's dream room is just..馃憣馃憤馃憦馃槀馃挒 I would love to be tagged too please馃榿
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tag me please
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lol plss tag me!! 馃槀馃槀
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Tag me pls
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tag me
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