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Hey guys sorry for the long hiatus! a lot has happened in that time! LIKE BTS COMEBACK AHHHH and Rapmon singing. ALSO I MADE A TUMBLR ACCOUNT!!! if you like to follow multifandom accounts then pls follow me @bngtantrash!!! if you want to know more, scroll down!
So I also got into INFINITE! anyway please check out my tumblr account (@bngtantrash) and tell all your kpop friends bc right now I only have one follower rn and I'm trying really hard to put myself out there. I post/reblog about exo, bts, infinite, got7, seventeen, big bang, kdramas, and MANY MORE!! heres some cute aegyo from idols to get you to check out my account :) p.s. I follow back (; thank you guys! :-) saranghaeyo
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