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So let me start by saying that I made this card once already and my computer crashed and deleted it :'( so...this is effort number two.
1. Picture or gif of BIGBANG's pre-show hand ritual. This was kinda hard to find because google kept giving me Big Bang Theory instead -_-
2. Picture of your least favorite Taeyang hairstyle and why you don't like it. For such a beautiful man he has had terrible hair...this makes him look bald in some spots so it's not my favorite.
3. Video of BIGBANG in the recording studio. Video must include at least two members. hahaha this one was so silly.
4. Your favorite picture, gif or video of one of the members dressed as a woman and why it's your favorite. This is one of my favorite parodies that they have done and Dae never fails to make me laugh with his crazy old lady dancing XD
5. Picture, gif or video of G-Dragon's most outrageous outfit (in your opinion). #werkit
6. Picture(s) of all five member's signatures. Taeyang's "God bless"is too much for my cute!!
7. Seungri Panda fan art...tbh I looked for way too long before I picked some. It's just so cute!
8.Video of any combination of members speaking English. This was probably one of the funniest moments at the concert.
9. Picture or gif of pillow top from MADE Naver V broadcast. I ship it.
10. Five different pictures of Crayons. How cute is this fanart?!?!?!?!
11. Gif of Daesung dancing or being goofy. My bae...let me tell you this was a pleasure to find.
12. Make Me Laugh: Find the funniest BIGBANG-related picture, video, meme or gif you think will make me laugh. I hope these made you guys laugh...I laughed pretty hard tbh.
13. Video of another idol group reacting to BIGBANG performing at an awards show. They are me listening to BigBang.
14. Make Me Laugh: Post the funniest thing you can think of to make me laugh. Does not have to be BIGBANG-related. Can be anything.
I have a stupid sense of humor I hope you guys enjoy this. Also I am literally that pale.
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@catchyacrayon right??? So very over a tv show I've never watched😂
The struggles of a fellow VIP, when you search up on google Big Bang and all you see is Big Bang Theory ;-;
@Helixx of course! Thank you for letting me know!! And really though...GD is beautiful but sometimes? I'm confused haha. That Gondor picture actually made me cry I laughed so hard.
Now for the rest... WHAT IS GD WEARING??? What is that outfit??? Seungri Panda fan art is so cute. I wasted a lot of time looking at it in prep for this week's scavenger hunt. "GONDOR CALLS FOR AID!!" I laughed my ass off at that one. I'm a huge LOTR nerd and I am also THAT pale so this, this was singing the song of my people. @catchyacrayon Yes, yes, so much. #thestruggleisreal
So many things about this card I want to comment on... First thing though, you're missing two crayon pics. Can you add a couple more please, so I can put you into the drawing?