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Third version! Photoshoot with Lee Min Ho!! Pose away beside Oppa with this version! Amazeballs!^^ This is also a contest where you can download this mobile application and participate in a creative interactive commercial campaign. PLUS! you will have a chance to win up to $10,000, and become a model and shoot a CF (for reals!) with Min Ho in Korea!
HAHA! This what I like the most among the 3 samples! :)) It's cool! hmm, unni @ameliasantos10 what are the mechanics? ^^
hey love.. just download the app and you can shoot the cf right away! The app is in Chinese but just guess which buttons to press and you'll be's super fun!
=)) owki. Thank you! :)
try to search ad with Lee Min Ho.. something like that.. it should turn up..^^ I use Android