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Are we calling this TaeDae?
How about DaeBae? Lol.
Here we go.
DaeBae at the airport.
Young Bae feeding his Dae and just eating cuz that's what Koreans do when they get together - Eat.
Just the Two of Us was a pretty famous song way back when. Maybe they decided to milk it.
G-Dragon has definitely approved!!
Seungri has not or is just oblivious.
In any case, Young Bae is telling everyone something here...
This ship has stood the test of time.
Disclaimer - I do not approve of any ship involving my Bae Daesung. :)
and credit to those whose pix I took.
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I basically ship Taeyang with EVERYONE
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You made a great card. Thank you for participating despite your feelings regarding Dae ships. The community is honored by your sacrifice.
2 years ago·Reply
The way GD looks at them two like "YES YES I APPROVE!!" XD great card ma friend :3
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