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He is definitely GQ Material.. Lim JaeBum. (JB) Former member of JJ PROJECT along with partner Park Jinyoung (Jr.) JaeBum is the leader of GOT7. JaeBum came in first place at the JYP open audition on 2009!! He went into the public eye before the others through the drama " Dream High 2" where he had a leading role working along with his partner Park Jinyoung (Jr.). He released his OST song "Together" with his partner during this drama. He spent 4 years preparing to released JJ Project first album. He appear in "Dream Knight" with leading he works along with the members of GOT7 . He has also appeared in Variety shows such as " "We Got Married" Romantic Idol "4 things Show" and "Running Man" episode 272. He also appeared in the drama " When a man loves a woman " Together with Jr. again. Jaebum is Majoring in Films at Geonguk University in South Korea. He speak Japanese fluently. His favorite food is bbudijiggae ( Korean Stew) and soondubujiggae (spicy tofu stew).
Our leader can do martial arts tricks and he loves b boying. .he is an amazing dancer..and of course with an angelic voice.. he is one of the main vocalist of the group...
The boys call him Jaebongie or OPPA ( father). aaaww. so cute.. sometimes the call him (harabuji) grandpa, because he is too calm .. takes things easy like an old
This man makes me go to places in my mind cause he is so damn sexy ..and he got that bad boy look that I love.. Love to see him dancing.
OMG.. look at him in Mad " If You Do" hfdshgsbdx.. sorry ..I just suffer a mental breakdown. originally he use to have this anger issues, but he worked it out he has changed a lot from how he used to he tolerates more.. he had to because he can't be getting angry at the kids for everything ....haha.. so getting mad is like no problem for him that's why his part came out so Good! haha
This is Nora.. JB'S pet. haha like father like daughter hahha..
well he is on my top 3 leaders.. love him..
his famous hand stand. .
I also love all his piercing he looks very attractive to me.
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Im having breathing problems, I need life alert and tons and tons of water.... 😍😍 My future husband is too much to handle...
@PrettieeEmm ..I told you he makes
kill me now he's perfect 😍😍
I just ....really couldn't even handle this! JB keeps playing with my life.
Kks!!! I already love it here!
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