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Good day everyone! I shall continue providing you with a series of cards following my favorite Anime Endings day by day. This is following @tayhar18920 's rules of one ending per show.
The plot: Gon Freecs' father abandoned him as a baby in order to become a Hunter, an elite class with a license to go anywhere or do almost anything. Now 12 years old, Gon wishes to follow in his father's footsteps and become a great Hunter. While Gon faces the unexpected challenges the Hunter Examination throws at him, he makes friends with three other candidates: Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua. (source) Guess the show yet? Pretty easy. Its Hunter x Hunter

Hunting for Your Dream by Galneryus

Unlike my previous post in which I wrote quite a bit of info on ALI PROJECT because I knew exactly who they were, I actually have no idea what so ever about this band. So I will share some insight based solely on this song. - I really like the lead's voice; it's not that its different, but it sounds like the voice is from the wrong era (lol). Not a bad thing; I actually find it very nice. - So I really like this song because (whoa) it fits quite well to the show, and I liked the overall animation of it. - I'm really big into lyrics, which is a good reason why I stick to listening to rock music when I listen to music in English because apparently here in the U.S we can't listen to nice things without it having some double meaning or being too slow or just being preppy asf. So, I have always stuck with most Japanese songs that not always sing the usual love crap, and even if some did they sing them in such a fun and pure way I can rock to them. (I have no idea if I'm making any sense. But I even like the dark side like The Gazette and ALI PROJECT or Yousei Teikoku (which hopefully I will get to talk about)) In conclusion I like songs that don't have sexual things attached to them in any way (at least when it comes to Japanese music). Onto the lyrics! So these are my favorite parts of the song; obviously translated. (source) " How much do dreams inspire you? You have your eye on something Just what are you hunting for? Search for something that's undeniable " " Don't dither and soak yourself in tears Expose all your feelings Don't fix your eyes on fleeting moments Freeze them in your memory " " Suck up every bit of the sky and the earth Straight into your body You can get stronger Moving ahead of the tomorrows that never stop coming If you've been faithful to your feelings Set them all free this instant You can get stronger Leaping past the moments, and other things that never end "
I didn't do this on my previous post, but here is the PV for the song. I'll see you guys next time!