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Made by the lovely's in the Bulletproof Team!!! Here I shall tag them: @BulletproofV @MadAndrea @thePinkPrincess @CreeTheOtaku @SugaOnTop @VKookie47 @amobigbang
15 random facts about me!!! First an intro!!!! ARMYStarlight is my name here but you can always call me Samantha (or any other variations of my name). Proud 96' liner and live in Los Angeles CA (people think I see celebrity's on a daily basis....but that's not the truth....not even in Hollywood) Okay lets start!!!!
1. I have the biggest sweet ever But that's only because acidity doesn't faze me (I could eat a lemon and pretty any sour candy out there and not wince) that's why I LOVE gummy bears!!!
2. I hate clowns...... Its more like DESPISE them....I hate the person who is dressed like that because they KNOW okay they know there are a bunch of people who are shit terrified of them..... This is why I cant go to carnivals.... One time I was SURROUNDED by them as they were all trying to "cheer me up" that made it worse.....
3. Getting a bit more personal here..... I am allergic to fish and most shellfish.... Sucks because I will never be able to eat sushi.....I mean I can but it wouldn't be pretty....
4. I have been into K-pop for four years now regrets ever since If you want to know SHINee got me into proud SHAWOL here!
5. I am bilingual....and could understand (a bit) 4 other languages!! I speak Spanish, hablo español!!! Heh I'm Mexican American! I studied French for four years....yet I can only write it and understand people....speaking French is another thing....pretty rusty on it! I am currently learning Korean and its the same situation with French....speaking it is a bit difficult. I only understand Italian a the most basic words....thanks to Assassins creed 2 and a little app called Duolingo! Lastly, I only understand basic words in Japanese (five years of being into anime and Japanese culture)
Getting harder to think of stuff 6. I am extremely into the I used to play the flute (didn't like it), I was in choir (didn't like it either), play the piano (I love it). That's why I am thinking of a major surrounding the arts! I was always fascinated by the piano but not having much money I never was given lessons until 11th grade... So now I own a keyboard (which hasn't been used because I haven't gotten batteries) I could play it but still having trouble using both hands!
7. Hmm I am the oldest of three girls.... Life is hard but I greatest achievement is getting my sisters into anime and K-pop!!! Both know most anime shows and love them!! They only know BTS (they are Army's because they know their names but they don't want to accept it) I got my mom into B.A.P and I am surprised she has heard their songs because her biases are JongUp and Zelo (I don't tell her that they are mine)
8. I love reading!!! I have lots of books 30+ the last time I counted.... ^~^ My love for reading came around fifth grade and it was Harry Potter....I think the fifth or sixth book! I don't like reading tiny books....I go big!!! So I only read thick books....occasionally small books because most series aren't huge! Greatest achievement was reading The Deathly Hallows in ONE day!!!
9. Hmmm....I love computers!!! Technology in general....probably because I was always made to fix minor stuff in computers or setting things up!
10. I am into origami and arts in craft...I love making things for people and seeing their faces when they look at it....brings me joy!!
11. I am VERY emotional when it comes to watching sad movies or meaningful songs..... Only K-pop has made me kind of hits you deep you know?? As of right now only SHINee, Vixx, Btob and Bts have made me really cry....ugly tears and all! I think SHINee's song Selene 6.23 has made me cry so badly.... Vixx...a lot of songs really like Thank you for being born is one that still makes me cry....Vixx makes me cry with almost all their songs.... Btob is their song Its's already an emotional song so yeah.... Bts has just recently made me cry with their newest album....I relate so much but Bts uaually makes me happy so being sad with their songs (covers as well) is a new thing!
12. I love food!!! Who doesnt?? I was those lucky(unlucky) people who don't gain weight despite the enormous quantity of food!! ( I think it goes everywhere but my stomach -_-)
13. I love collecting pretty random things sometimes! One time I had this jar of was many types but my favorite was on the looked like chocolate powder and smelled like it was strange (I did try it but....hmm was dirt) Right now I am collecting rocks....cute little rocks of different sizes and shapes!
14. Having an ENORMOUS collection of stuffed animals..... Yes I have many....most if them are sadly stuffed in a closet because my mom says there is too much....and I cant find the will to donate them..... My favorites are my purple penguin I got at an aquarium his name is Jimin!! Second its an alpacasso named Simon (entire name is Simon Ciel Rafael Hernandez) And a panda named Kung Fu panda Po......but I secretly call him Seungri
15. Lastly....I have a fear of dolls and the ocean...... A doctor said that they are phobias.....just writing about them is getting me scared..... I cant remember the names so you are more than welcome to search them!!! That's why aquariums are kind of okay...but you know when you go to see the fishes and their are huge tanks around you.....yeah that I cant do for a long time.....especially when there is like a hallway and you are surrounded by fishes....*shivers* nope cant do that..... Dolls....don't even get me started on those scary shits.....
Well that's it....I hope you learned a big and if you have questions ask away!!!! I didn't put much so there must be something you want to know!! May Hobi bless you and shine Kookies on you! Sorry for the lack if pics @Destiny1419 @RihannaTiaMay @Krin @Christianliu @Kieuseru @Herreravanessa9 @CreeTheOtaku @KellyOConnor @Amberg171997 @TiffanyBibian @Saraortiz2002 @Emealia @MadAndrea @LilySilver @ArmyofKookie @MorganElisabeth @Kpopandkimchi @Sarangseoltang @Karlythepanda66 @Nenegrint14 @mightmuffin @Ercurrent @EWillsea @jojojordy2324 @MelissaGarza @ninjamidori @musicmofo @Eliortiz13 @toitlepark @TracyLynn
@christianliu yes you have heh @amobigbang youre welcome
I hate clowns too my friend
proud SHAWOL here, too!! i still have to do my own card...
I'm impressed by your reading skills. Deathly Hallows in 1 day 😱😱
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