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So everyone knows that Zico Crush had a comeback right? If not then you'll know now lol And let me say I'm in love with both of their songs at the moment💗
Zico- I am you, You are me This song is just so absolutely cute!💖 I love the fact that every time he goes to the little store they have the same outfit and jewelry as well😍 the sad fact is his song isn't available on iTunes yet so I can't get it Muah!!!😩
Crush- Don't Forget I just love his voice in this song, it's melodic 😌 Opinion of mine: I have nothing against Taeyeon but I think it would've been better if he did this song solo. Cause he put so much emotion in the MV that it would've been better if it was fully all him in the whole song☺️ and a sad fact as well like Zico's his song isn't on iTunes either!!! iTunes get your s*** together lol
Both of these songs are so great! I wasnt expecting much and now I have two songs to add to my ipod!
Lol I can't even add them onto my phone cause their not on iTunes lol which sucks I wonder why they don't put it on iTunes @kpopandkimchi