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Should I do it? Should I not do it!?

In life we make a lot of decisions, so its great to ask people their opinions. Should I do it or not? Should I go or stay? Should I tell him or keep quiet?

Thanks to @WiviDemol for suggesting this lesson!

Here's a simple grammar form to ask just that!

The ~ㄹ까 ending usually means 'shall I...?' so

할까 말까? - Should I or should I not do it?

(hal-kka mal-kka)

갈까 말까? - Should I or should I not go?

(kal-kka mal-kaa)

Check out A-Pink's song 'Petal' to learn how to pronounce it and to help you remember!

Pay attention at 1:07

말할까 말까 할까 말까 - Should I tell you or not? Should I do it or not?

(mal hal-kka mal-kka, hal-kaa mal-kka)
(말하다 is the verb for "to tell/say")

Is anyone else bad at making decisions like me!?

the first time I saw Eunji was in Reply 1997 so b/c of that I just feel like I'm being trolled when she's doing anything cute and normal versus yelling and kicking someone...
Yes yes yes! I've actually been told that I'm the worst person in the world to shop with because I take so long to decide what I want no matter what it is! We won't even talk about life decisions!! Agonize for days!!
@WiviDemol - ~ㄹ까 is more like "shall I? shall we?" and ~ㄹ래 is more like "do you want to?" its a tiny difference but yeah^^
Thank you! I've needed such words to express myself. I don't consider myself a picky person but for some reason I can never decide
I just say IDK
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