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"For the person to protect me for possibly my entire life, I have chosen...Namjoon."
They weren't surprised and just nodded. A few congratulated him. Namjoon got up from his chair he was sitting on and sat beside me. "Trust me, I'm very responsible. I can protect you from those people. Y/N, those guys are like society. They try to take you away from what really makes you happy and tries to put you down." He continued and the other members groaned and Jimin laid down on his bed and pretended to sleep. Was this really normal? "Aish, I'm being real guys. What I say is important to life!"
Hoseok snorted and started talking to Jin about noodles. Tae and Jungkook went over to Jimin's bed to talk. Yoongi looked half asleep against the wall. I was left to talk to Namjoon. He started talking about himself and BTS as a whole. I interrupted him. "I already know about BTS, I want to know about YOU." He shrugged and started talking about himself. Under all the philosophies he comes up with, he's really cool.
Jin told us to go to our rooms around 12 midnight. Namjoon asked Jin if we could go to downtown Seoul tomorrow to give me a tour. They agreed and started talking about what to do in downtown Seoul. I didn't hear the rest because I was already down the hall leading to my room. I changed into my "pajamas" and left to go to the bathroom. When I opened the door, Namjoon was standing there about to knock on my door. "Oh, hey there, do you need something?"
"Ah, I wanted to ask you a few things. First off, have you ever been to Seoul before you came? Second, is it okay if I move back in here tomorrow? I don't want those guys to come and try to take you when I'm not around." He nervously looked down and back at me.
"No, I've never been to Seoul, and yes, it's okay if you move back into your own room." I smiled an gestured to the empty room. He nodded and walked away thinking. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up for the night. I looked in the mirror again. Ugh. How long will it take for my face to go back to how it was? It'll go back soon, I hope. I finished up and walked back to my room. All the lights except two were off already. One was mine and the other was the triplet's room. I walked back to my room and went to bed.
A few hours later, I woke up and needed to go to the bathroom. Actually, it's been two hours since I fell asleep. I just went...stupid bladder. No use arguing with my body mentally, so I got up and walked down the hall to the bathroom. I came back but a light was still on besides my little lamp in my room. The triplet's room still had a light on, very faint but stronger than a nightlight. My curiosity told me to check it out. Luckily the door was slightly cracked oped and I looked in. Very carefully I opened it just enough to look around. Namjoon was sitting at a desk and writing in a notebook. There was another notebook beside the one he was writing in that he kept looking at.
I leaned in a bit more to try and see what he was writing since the desk was very close to the door. Jin was snuggled up with a Mario plush and Yoongi was spread across his bed with two notebooks open and a pen. Namjoon was the only one up, was he the one that was up when I had finished in the bathroom? His face lit up and started furiously writing in his notebook. I could almost see what he was writing, just need to lean in a bit more.
I didn't notice that I was leaning on the door when I tried to open the door a bit more. The door swung open and I fell through and onto the floor. Namjoon looked up from his notebook and turned to look at me. Luckily, Jin and Yoongi are pretty deep sleepers and only shifted in their beds. But Namjoon got up from his desk and walked over to me. "Are you okay y/n?" He whispered so he wouldn't wake the others. I nodded and he helped me up. "Let's got to the kitchen to talk, I don't want to wake them up." We walked out of the room and into the kitchen.
We each got a glass of water and sat down at the table across from each other. "So, why were you nosing around?"
I sipped my water and looked at him. "I was coming out of the bathroom earlier and saw that only your light was on and mine. Later on, I had to go to the bathroom again and noticed that your light was still on. I simply got curious."
"Ha, then why did you fall into my room?"
"I tried being quiet to see what you were doing but the door decided to trip me."
"Well, eaves dropping in on someones work isn't very polite. And a door can't trip you."
I shrugged and took another sip of water. "So, what were you doing that you had to stay up until 2:30?"
Namjoon gulped down the rest of his water and looked down at the table. "I was writing lyrics, I suddenly got the urge to and didn't notice the time."
"Mhm. Sure, because a person looks at a closed notebook nervously for inspiration."
"Were you there that long?! Erm, I mean, maybe that's just how I work." He got up and cleaned up and put away his cup.
"Ha, as if. You got a little nervous for a second didn't you?" He started to walk away back to his room. "Joonie, I want to ask you something." He turned around and looked at me.
"Have you been having any problems recently that you need to work out?"
"Er, no, nothing that you should worry about. It's okay, it'll be alright." He started back towards his room but, again, I stopped him.
"I know those weren't lyrics. I could tell. You were writing down your feelings, right?"
"Ugh." He turned to look at me and smiled. "I guess you got me. But please believe that I can still protect you even if I act soft by writing my feeling down."
I gave a soft laugh, "That actually makes you seem better to me, you don't act like you need to protect me every single second. Remember that, you can still be my friend while you protect me." I took my cup over to the sink to clean it while Namjoon went back to his room. The part about knowing it wasn't lyrics was a lie. Apparently I'm great at guessing or something. It's now 2:38, so I went back to sleep.
"Y/N!" Something was shaking my shoulder and saying my name. "Y/N!~ Please wake up now." I rolled over and saw Namjoon smiling at me with the sun blinding me behind him. "Morning, y/n. I was told to wake you up, sorry." I made a few noises in disagreement. "I know you're probably tired, but you need to eat. Come on to the dining area." I nodded and got up with Namjoon leading me to the dining area/kitchen.
"Hey, there she is!" Jungkook was talking to Jin when he noticed me walk in. "Go and sit down, we're gonna eat soon." Yoongi was still sleepy while Jimin and Tae talked across him. I sat down while Namjoon was getting chopsticks from drawer.
"Namjoon, you said that Jin couldn't cook breakfast and that he's not very good at cooking. Why is he the one making breakfast?" Everyone looked at Namjoon except Jin who was too focused on cooking.
"Joonie, why would you say that about his food? You know he's a great cook! You even suggest his food to people." Jimin almost acted offended even though it wasn't about him.
"I guess I had to give her some explanation to why he didn't cook yesterday. She knew that he cooked, I just had to give a reason right then and there." Namjoon pretended to be distracted by counting how many chopsticks there were.
"You couldn't have just said that there wasn't enough time?" Jimin was standing up almost looking surprised at Namjoon.
"Cool it ChimChim." Jin looked at Jimin while he grabbed a plate to put the food on. "Y/N, don't feel like you can't trust him after that. Or think that he's not reliable for protecting you. He could save you by feeding them his food. It would almost kill them." With that, Jimin went down laughing, Hoseok too but he wasn't literally rolling on the floor. Everyone calmed down when the food was ready to eat. "This morning, we have steak with egg, spicy noodles, and kimchi, there's rice there. Eat well!" As soon as he set the last plate down we all started eating. The food was so good, the noodles with whatever made them spicy was especially good.
"Oh, I got my memories back. When I woke up, I could magically remember whatever I wanted to remember." Everyone looked up while still eating to congratulate me. They finished up and went to get ready to go to downtown Seoul. I helped clean up after everyone and eventually went back to my room. I passed by Namjoon's room on the way to mine. He was leaned against the wall holding the notebook be was writing in last night and the one he kept looking at.
I decided not to question it and continued walking to my room. I picked a white shirt with a red flower, red pants, and my red converse. Kinda looks like someone spilled red paint on all my clothes since it's mostly red. I brushed my hair and put it in a braid down my back. At least I look decent today aside from my face.
"You're always great looking even if I've only known you for two days. And your face isn't bad looking, you're beautiful." I didn't notice that I had been talking out loud to myself. "You know what, beauty is like that flower on your shirt. Some might think it's not very pretty but people who actually look at it see its real beauty." Namjoon leaned against the wall and was looking at me. He was holding the same notebook he kept looking at last night and this morning.
"It's not very polite to just walk into someone's room." I walked up to him and looked at the notebook he was holding.
"You did the same thing last night. Anyways, I wanted to give this to you now. It's similar to the notebook I write my feelings in. You can to if you want to say something but can't find the right person to tell." He held out the black and white striped notebook. I took the notebook and started to walk over to my desk to put it down. "You might need this to write with." In his hand was a bronze colored pen with a silver stripe.
"Thanks! I'll use these well." I gave him a quick hug and set my notebook and pen on the desk. He nodded and left my room. I went to the bathroom to wash up quickly and returned to my room. On the door of my closet is a mirror that I looked at myself in. Maybe I should stop putting myself down and appreciate what looks I have. Namjoon is socially smart, I think. I remembered some things about him and pushed all intelligent thoughts of him aside.
We still had a few minutes before we left so I did one last check in the mirror. In the corner of my eye was my desk with the black and white striped notebook. I walked back to my desk and sat down. Why was he looking at it so much last night? Did he write something in there? I opened it up to the cover page and looked on the back. In Namjoon's handwriting was a Namjoon philosophy.
"Y/N is like a hidden beauty that only few can see, and I am a lucky one who can see more beauty. It's a beauty that can lead my heart to a love stronger than I have ever felt."
Hope you enjoyed Joonie's part! I honestly didn't know how I was going to do his part but it seems fine now. The other 3 member's parts will come out tomorrow if I have the will to get it done. Ah well. Remember, feedback and suggestions are welcomed and needed (I need ideas for the story.). Hope you are enjoying the story! Buing~
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