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How is this my life?

So I got to see Aaron Carter in Wilmington NC last night, and it was amazing!!!! I've been a fan of his since I was eight and it'd been a dream of mine to meet him, I'd wondered what he's like for so long. I finally got to find out!!
He's amazing! Like the nicest person I've ever met! He's got this calm, confident energy, but its not like cocky or arrogant.... I'm not sure how to describe it, like just talking to someone you've known for years. Normally I'm just not confident, I avoid eye contact, usually I don't speak, and basically my introverted nature gets misinterpreted as cold/uninterested, essentially a bitch. But I just felt relaxed, completely out of my comfort zone and somehow it didn't show at all!!
yeah, he's got some shows in February, aaroncarter.com for dates & tickets.
This sounds so cool!!! I didn't realize he was still touring
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