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A little tap on my window startled me. My eyes went wide & I swear I could hear the loud thumping my heart was producing. Instantly, the worst started seeping through my head. What if i was being killed? Or worse, abducted?? Another tapping caused me to shriek softly, my hand covering my mouth so that no more sound could come out. My phone buzzed and I jumped again for the second time. Frowning, I looked at the screen and instantly wanted to cry in relief for what I saw. MonsterCookie: Dress in something comfortable, I'm outside. Yes, we're sneaking out. No buts. Butts are for human behinds. Hurry. Important. I laughed silently and rolled my eyes, but I couldn't help the flipping my stomach was making. I had a crush on Namjoon since we were kids. He was my childhood best friend and we protected each other like brother and sister. I found myself growing fonder of his company, and soon, before I knew it, he had won me over. Hurriedly, I put on a hoodie and smiled like crazy as I opened my window. Namjoon smiled up at me, his eyes twinkling mischievously as he gestured at me to hurry up. Shaking my head, I slowly climbed down, wondering what Namjoon had in store that was so important we had to sneak out. Adrenaline coursed through my veins as I fell into his arms, his smell engulfing me. I sniffed him, trying to make it discreet because I didn't want to be a creep. Haha! That rhymed! Anyways. I smiled up at my cookie monster and couldn't help that little fluttering in my heart. He was just so beautiful in the moonlight.. "Like what you see?" He said, smirking lightly. I laughed and hit his arm gently. "You wish. I only have eyes for that lovely friend of yours...what's his name again? Lay? Like the chips?" Namjoon frowned, pinching my cheek lightly. "Shut up and let's go." I rubbed my cheek, scowling while Namjoon put his arm over my shoulders. "Where are we going?" "Somewhere." "I need to know where my feet are leading me." "I'm leading you." "My legs are doing all the work, not you." Namjoon sighed and picked me up, slinging me over his shoulder. "Not anymore." I shrieked, pounding my fists on his back. "Kim Namjoon!!! You put me down right this instant mister!!!" "Or what?" He countered, chuckling softly. His lack of fear angered me a bit, I was scary c'mon! He's supposed to be trembling! Begging at my feet for forgiveness! "Or...or, I'LL GIVE YOU SOME GOOD OL TITTY TWISTING!!!" Namjoon's laughter came to a stop and he hastily put me down, a terrified expression on his face. "Anything but my lovely titties", he squealed, covering his chest. I almost burst out laughing, but I was too busy looking intimidating. "Never do that again, Joon." He just rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand, pulling me along with him. "Look, we're here." I looked around and my heart warmed instantly as I noticed the place where Joon and I had grown up together. The trees were still there, beautiful with pink blossoms just like always. The grass dew shined with the moonlight and I was surprised to see a little picnic set up. I grinned at my crush, my heart speeding up frantically as some adoration flashed in his eyes. "You did all this for me?" I said, my eyes shining with unshed tears. Joon nodded, pinching my cheek. "Of course, Y/N. Who else? We were drifting apart lately, and I wanted to just be here a while, going through the memories we used to have." My stomach began acting like a circus then, the butterflies turning into elephants once he sat me down and started pulling out our favorite snacks, and one of mine in particular. "You brought chocolate strawberries?!" I squealed in delight. He laughed at my obvious excitement...and hunger. "Oh I could kiss you right now you rascal!" Joon's eyes widened and I bit my lip, cursing myself for making things awkward. He's going to hate me now. Oh no. He's going to think I have cooties...cooties. What was I? Five? Jesus Y/N, calm down. Oh, I hate myself. I want to go into a hole. Is there any holes here? Jesus, please. I need to crawl under a huge rock. Just like Patrick! "Well, as much as I'd like that, we have to eat the food first before the bugs beat us to it." He said with a slight edge to his voice. I blushed, popping a strawberry into my mouth and suddenly focusing on the huge urge not to moan. They were sooooooooo good. Oh my god. My taste buds. Joon smirked and popped one in his mouth and it took so much to not to jump him because he was eating MY strawberries. I slightly glared at him and he smiled, obviously knowing what I was thinking. "Awe, my widdle WY/N is mad because I'm eating her strawberries?" "Shut up or the titties get it." He shut up. We stayed in a comfortable silence, all of which consisted of him staring at the sky and me popping the chocolate and strawberry goodness in my mouth. I heard him sigh and I looked over at him, my mouth in a pout while a confused expression took over my face. "Goddamnit, you look so cute I want to kiss you." My heart stopped and I almost choked on my half eaten strawberry. "Wh...what?" Joon looked at me and I almost gasped at his expression. He looked at me with so much pain and longing The butterflies intensified and his hand came up to cup my cheek. "The real reason I brought you here was to tell you I'm crazy for you, Y/N. I've been dragging this out for so long and I couldn't wait anymore. You have me going loco for you, girl. I swear I see you, and I'm in the clouds. You're so breathtaking and beautiful and...ugh. I'm so not good with confessions. Maybe you don't feel the same, and that's okay.  I just...I was carrying this and I just wanted to let you know and.." I cut him off with a laugh that escaped my lips. He looked at me, dazed. "You find it funny?" I smiled at him and nodded. "I find it funny that you can't see i'm 'pretty loco' for you too." Silence. And then, the most beautiful smile took over his features, his eyes lighting up as he leaned towards me. "Really?!" "Really." I almost laughed at his cuteness, but this was a serious moment, I think. His hand wrapped around mine and I couldn't hold back my feelings anymore. I wanted him to kiss me so bad. "Joon.." "Y..yeah?" "...Kiss me you idiot." He laughed, the sound ringing in my ears and warming me all the way to my toes. My heart pounded and the blood rushed through my veins as his face got closer to mine, his lips brushing my cheek gently. "With pleasure." He whispered before he made my world explode.
I squealed so many times when proof reading this, I swear. Anyways, this imagine is dedicated to @CreeTheOtaku There's a little note I'd like to add, recently I lost a friend due to suicide and I don't want that to ever happen again, so I'd like to say, if you're ever having any problems or thoughts, please let someone know. It can be me, or someone you know will listen. Don't give up, you're all beautiful in your own way. I hope you guys enjoy it. (: If you'd like to be tagged, then let me know! @saraortiz2002 @amandamuska @Stefany17 @KellyOConnor @MadAndrea @punkpandabear @kmeier230 @JasmineWilliams @AimeeH @CrystalBlunt @VeronicaArtino @qwalker1996 @Mikim000 @MeghanJorgina @Allyson3333 @SarahVanDorn @DOislifeExoL @TesneemElAlami @DanaMichelle @tiffany1922 @KpopQueenaBee @bbyitskatie @Ercurrent @terenailyn @HuonTreeRoo @MsLoyalHeart @sarahdarwish @kpopgaby @Moose1998 @sugalessjams @jessicaacosta90 @PatriciaS
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