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Friend: I miss my boyfriend. I haven't seen him in so long. Me:....Bish my boyfriend is like 18957000887189 miles away. Your boyfriend is in the next class.
Friend: My boyfriend has been ignoring me this while week. He probably thinks I don't even exist anymore. I miss him so bad. *message* nevermind we're good. Me: My boyfriend is on tour,in the company or modeling/acting with pretty girls. He pretends he doesn't have a girlfriend (which I me) and probably doesnt even know I exist. The only contact I get is when he's streaming live or is send fanmail. What is your problem exactly?!?!
These are things I say to my friends when they complain tbh.
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Lol. Korea's not that far unless ur counting all of the people that can come between u and him!!
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@KDSnKJH very true. But that's gonna be so many people but I'm only worried about security at the moment lol
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I really agree also.
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they don't know our struggle
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