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15 facts about me!!๐Ÿ˜Š

@MadAndrea tag me so LET'S GO! ^~^

15.) I love pickles.

Some people don't like them but i them like if my family members have pickles and they don't want them they give it to me lol.

14.) I'm a tomboy.

My friends name me as a tomboy because i won't do things girls would do like put on make-up or do my hair stuff like that.

13.) i cuss too much.

When i get mad i just start cussing like nobody's business and if someone starts saying stuff about my family or friends i will cuss them out.

12.) I'm Mexican

Yep I'm Mexican my dad and mom are from part Mexico i forgot which part and my grandparents are from Mexico too.

11.) I speak my mind.

I will tell you what is on my mind i don't care if it hurts your feelings im just being real with you. But if your my family or friends i won't do that.

10.) I use to point with my middle finger.

So this was funny when my oldest sister told me this. So when i was a baby and i wanted something or i point at something i would use my middle finger and my family has proof of me pointing with my middle finger lmao.

9.) I didn't like hugs.

Ok i don't get this because now i love to hug people. When i was a baby and people said i was a cute baby so they would want to hug me i mean come on im cute :) and then when some one would hug me i would get mad or start crying.

8.) I have a sweet tooth.

I love sweet stuff right after dinner i need to eat something sweet or everyday i find myself eating something sweet. I don't think that's good.

7.) I love to draw.

I started to love drawing in the beginning of 8th grade and i draw when I'm bored or if someone wants me to draw them something. And i didn't draw that just to let you guys know.

6.) I use to cut myself.

Now this topic us kinda hard for me to talk about but i guess it something you my vingle family should know. I know it not good to cut myself and the reasons would be because I'm ugly,fat,not smart,ect. things like that but i found a way to deal with things like that.

5.) My favorite color is red.

So before i started to listen to Kpop there was a group called mindless behavior i used to love and my favorite member favorite color was red so i started liking red just for him >.<

4.) I'm a gamer.

Yes I'm a gamer and i love to play first shooter games and my favorite game right now is mortal kombat X.

3.) I haven't been to a concert.

Sadly i haven't been to a concert and since i hear that bts with have the red bullet lll in the U.S i want to go badly and it would be my first kpop concert. ^.^

2.) I love hoodies.

So i probably have like 15 hoodies right now and I'm wearing my Winnie the Pooh hoodie i got it when i went to animal kingdom. ^~^

1.) I want a siberian husky chihuahua mix

OMG I want one of the tiny Husky ' s too! They are so adorable!!! Thanks for opening up to us! It isn't an easy thing to do! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜
@JackieG1617 Lol ikr and thanks if i ever feel like cutting i would just come talk to you guys. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Can I have your dog?.....no?.....okay.....
Awe I want one of them husky puppies too!
oh amazing wow...i should have put more thought in mines but ehh i am pretty boring sometimes ^~^
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