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This was sort of funny, poor Yoongi. He probably gets those suing threats a lot.. But it's ALL your fault Yoongi! Why you got to be all gorgeous and talented??? Oh my hearteu 馃槱
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@QueenLee When he started doing pouting faces for a couple of seconds.. Omg *drops to fatal position*
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@PrettieeEmm @MaeLyn lucky fan though, she got to touch Jin up close AND got Tae to defend her and called her his wife...
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@BAbrajan1 I feel like she was laughing too though or is it just me that when I accidentally get hit I start laughing my ass off? Plus they've called us their wives/girlfriends
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omg that girl simultaneously is so luck and so unlucky hahahahaha
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@MaeLyn Yeah i think she laughed.. And YES, i do the same, just to avoid embarrassment I just laugh it off
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