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so my ub is jin! he's amazing! words can not describe how amazing he is!!!
but lately my bias wrecker has been attacking the pink princess's kingdom and threatening his throne!!! said bias wrecker is none other than Namjoon! (king of destruction himself) what's a girl to do?!?! ok rant over.....but not the war
@heidichiesa..If you can't choose.. than love NamJin..lol..keep them together. .
So G-Dragon is my UB. I had a very nicely organized bias list of mostly BIGBANG members and every one of them had their place and it was happy and harmonious. ...until that wrecker Namjoon came along and destroyed my list. The only one remaining intact was GD. Namjoon sits in 2nd place, constantly eyeballing GD, looking for weaknesses he can exploit in order to claim the throne. Then, Jin used his princess ninja skills to silently take out every one between his seat at 12th place and Taeyang's 3rd place. I tried to resist Jin. Really, I did. ...but it was futile. As if that wasn't enough turmoil for my poor, little heart, Suga recently decided it was time to make his move. He's slowly and steadily crept up the list 9 spots to sit at #4, and it only took him two weeks!!! Poor Taeyang is now #5. Gasp! So, I completely understand what you're going through. Be strong! Fighting! #fangirlproblems #thestruggleisreal
@luna1171 Yes. Always love Namjin! That's the best option.
haha that face is perfect for this post !!! I died when I saw the pic! but yes love Nam-Jin!!
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