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so my ub is jin! he's amazing! words can not describe how amazing he is!!!
but lately my bias wrecker has been attacking the pink princess's kingdom and threatening his throne!!! said bias wrecker is none other than Namjoon! (king of destruction himself) what's a girl to do?!?! ok rant over.....but not the war
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exactly @helixx! I mean originally my bias in the group was leaning towards namjoon until one day I woke up and jin just drowned me in a wave of emotional feels and claimed my heart and he's reigned since then not a single problem. but the harder time namjoon has the more I look at him. and the more I look at him the harder he pounds at my heart. it's utter chaos! what is this world coming to when not even your ub is safe!
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@luna1171 Yes. Always love Namjin! That's the best option.
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in BTS they all are my biases but my UB will forever be Yongguk. I cant just choose one anymore they constantly switch places but right now its Suga xD
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haha that face is perfect for this post !!! I died when I saw the pic! but yes love Nam-Jin!!
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