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Started by @JamiMilsap - the game is simple:
1. Create a card about any drama you want - hopefully not too obscure though
2. Give any combination of hints using photos, gifs, OSTs, parodies, or descriptions
3. Whoever guesses the answer first gets to create the next card!
I'm going way back. I could've gone obscure, but if you're fans of KDrama, then you'll know this one. This is when all you did was sob your eyes out, went to bed, and woke up alll swollen. You hated the bad guy/lady and yelled at the TV.
One of the main settings was Lotte World, although in the drama it was not called Lotte World. Yes, Lotte World has been in a lot of dramas.
There was a carousel in the opening credits. Aww, I'm starting to feel weepy just remembering this one.
This necklace made an appearance. Back then, I wanted this necklace.
Anybody feeling like moving their beautiful piano and playing in the ocean?
The last clue, so if you didn't know this drama, you could research it, Yes - Park Shin Hye played the main character as a young child as well as this man who now goes by Lee Cham.
Happy Guessing Chickadees and Chicka.. ders?
Stairway to heaven?
@Izab3lla @ KDSnKHJ This was such a good drama! And you're right I cried my eyes out! Talk about second lead syndrome! I felt so bad for her not real "brother" because he loved her so much!! Great job you guys! Wonderful card AND good guessing!! Please tag me on your card too Izab3lla! I'm so proud of our K drama community, your knowledge about these dramas is amazing!!
never would of guessed it lol. good job @Izab3lla
@izab3lla Totally. *thumbs up
Same I have no idea😳. I have never seen this drama😕. Surprise because I love park shin hye she's my fave actress😊.
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