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You and Hoseok turn around to see Taehyung staring at you, Hoseok and Unconscience, scared to death Jungkook.. He looks at you with sadness, "Look (Y/N) and Hyung I never meant to hit Jungkook.. I was just upset and I couldn't keep it in, I'm sorry.." He looks down with tears rolling off his cheeks.. You stand up with your arm around Jungkook's and Hoseok's as all 3 of you walk away from V.. You guys kept walking and walking until you guys went to the Entertainment and you guys walk in to see Namjoon, Jin, Suga and Jimin in shock and relief, "What happened to you guys?!?! We were scared to death!! What happened to our golden maknae!! Where's Taehyung??" Jin yells out.. Everyone turns to look out you as if you had the answer. You just bawl out in tears and start sobbing on the floor.. Hoseok runs over to you, picks you off the floor and hugs you tightly as he whispers, "Hey don't cry, I'll take care of you, I'll be here for you always and I'll never hurt you.." You just nuzzle your head into his neck, shedding your tears on his warm skin.. As he hugs you and kisses your forehead to calm you down.. You hear all of the memebers talking, "So what are we gonna do about Taehyung?" Jin asks Namjoon.
"I honestly don't know, hyung.." He responded. You turn around and look at Jungkook, who is laying down on the couch asleep, you walkover and give him a kiss on the forehead... You turn around to see Hoseok looking at you, as he walks towards you, you blush really hard as he gives you a hug and whispers into your ear, " Are you gonna be alright?" You look up at him with tears, You ask him, "Should I break up with him?" Hoseok looks straight into your eyes amd whispers, "Do whatever your heart tells you to do... That's what I did for my whole life.."
"What if my heart makes the wrong choices?" "You just have to forgive yourself and fix it, so that you would stop hurting others.." "You seem to have experience, Oppa.... Can you tell me what you have gone through?" He looks at you and looks quit nervous, "You should probably sit down.." He takes your hand and sits you on the couch next to Jungkook.. "Look, (Y/N), I have been waiting to ask you this for a long time, but......" Before he can finish his sentence he was cut off by Jimin walking into your guys' conversation... "Hey sorry to bother you lovebirds but we have company out front..." You thought to yourself who could it be? Hoseok puts his arm around you as you both walk to see who it is... It was Taehyung Oppa! He speed walks towards you and Hoseok yelling at him, "Ya!!!! Get away from my girlfriend!!!" You let go of Hoseok and run towards V, pushing him back with your hands.. "Look at me Oppa!!!!" You yell at him as you grab his chin to make him look down...His eyes were sort of bloodshot looking... "Look, I'm sorry, I promise I'll change for us..." He tells you sadly as he hugs you, He pulls you back and gives you a passionate kiss... You push him back to breathe to tell him... "Look Oppa I just think I need to think about our relationship for a bit, You should too.." He looks at you with disapointment and whispers to you, "You have been cheating on me haven't you?" You walk away slowly as you tell him, "No Oppa, I love you!!!" "Look babe I love you too, I just want things to go back as they were.. " "Well let me have some space, Goodbye.." You said before you turned around to walk back into the building to take care of Jungkook.
J-Hope looks at V with disappointment as he shuts the door......
Look I feel bad for making V look like the villian but I love him too!!!
He deserved it 馃槕馃槦
Why V character kinda suit him no offense love him but like I feel like he would be the passive type lol
Agh I don't know how to feel anymore!!!馃槪馃槪馃槪
tag me ^_^
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