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Alright *cracks knuckles* let's get started!

1.) I'm 30

Yep yep, believe it or not, my 31st is right around the corner.

2.) I'm a cuspy

Born on the 21st of June, I'm on the cusp of Gemini and cancer

3.) I'm mixed blood

I'm quarter Japanese, my mother is half.

4.) I'm a published author

When I was 24 I was ambitious enough to get two books of poetry published. I'm currently working on getting my 3rd published.

5.) I'm a goth girl

No surprise there, I'm sure! I'm really into the darker things in life. The Japanese Visual Kei style has always fascinated me.

6.) I have lots of tattoos

10 tattoos to be exact. I'm currently working on a sleeve on my right arm that is of a microphone and roses with the Mayday Parade lyrics, "Nothing will keep this heart from beating, I'm still breathing."

7.) I have chinchillas

I know some of you already know this since I tend to end some of my cards with an adorable chinchilla pic. But yes, Teeny and Rue are my babies.

8.) I'm obsessed with pizza!

9.) I'm a gamer

And shamelessly my dance character in Super Dancer is modeled after none other than G-Dragon.

10.) I studied interior design

11.) I also have a fashion portfolio

12.) I'm going to Hongik University this summer

13.) I read tarot cards

I have a collection of 24 decks

14.) I'm a barista

been slingin' drink for 7 years and loving it!

15.) I want to restore a historic home in Britain


I'm also Jewish! My great grandfather married a German woman during the German/Jewish war and escaped to the US and changed their name from Kowaski to Koals so people wouldn't know my family was Polish or Jew.
A bit of dark humor: "I'm Japanese and Jewish, all my people were put into internment camps...." *drops mic on floor*
Making this card was more difficult than I thought it would be! I look forward to reading cards from the rest of you ladies!
You and I have many things in common... and it's always nice to meet a fellow goth.
but really, why are you going to hongik u? is it for art!?
Dude I only have 2 decks of tarot. I love Rain! 😍 He such a hottie! I'm already doesn't feel any different after 25...well for me. I do want to say I'm jealous. I'm just now looking into finding away to get my poems published. I've always wanted to for years but just never had the motivation.
@EverieMisfit well, if you lived in or near Seattle I'd offer them to you! I have to re-home my girls before I move to Korea. It's gonna be so sad when I do. I'm also sorry your piggy died, that's no fun :(
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