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So here's part 2! So Suga's part with her is present time but for it to make sense we have to go back and see the whole story, yes? Let's go~ I'm tagging those who commented on the first part. @ercurrent @kaelishearer @eliortiz13 tell me what you guys think?
*13 months earlier* Thin nimble fingers ran through long wavy scarlet colored hair, detangling the soft locks before pulling it up into a high pony tail. She had thirty minutes left in her shift at the Australian themed restaurant and she was currently lingering in the back kitchen, hoping that if the hostesses forgot she was there they wouldn't force her to take anymore tables. While she had a generally upbeat and sometimes overly friendly personality, after a 9 hour shift with barely any tips in her pocket, her mood was less than bright. She was a closer so any tables that came during the last half hour of the day would go to her and she'd have to stay till after they left and she'd cleaned up. When a petite girl with a blonde pixie cute popped her head into the kitchen, the girl let out a loud, exaggerated grumble, knowing her prayers had been ignored. "You know I love you, right beautif-" the blonde's sickly sweet voice was cut off quickly. "How many, Christina?" The redhead's voice held her clear agitation. "A 7 top at table 29." She scampered away from the kitchen quickly before any harsh words could be hurled her way. "Of course, the whole fucking restaurant is empty and I get sat with 20 minutes to go." Boy did she hate closing. She waited a few minutes, grabbing 7 clean plates and two bread boards, carrying them towards her last table for the night. She dressed similar to the other servers, clad in tight black pants and black button-down shirt with black vans like the strict uniform policy stated. But her bright natural red-orange waist length hair set her apart from the blonde and brunette coworkers. Oftentimes people came in, requesting her by name of 'that red head one'. Her hair along with pale skin, freckled cheeks and striking dark eyes made her look like a curvier, brooding version of the Brave princess. She didn't give much thought as she made her way to the table, stuck in the motions of her nightly routine as she set out the plates and bread. "Hey guys, welcome to Outback. My name's Daenerys and I'll be your sever this evening. Can I get you guys some drinks?" After posing the question she looked up and the young men sitting around the table, noticing their young confused faces and odd hair styles. They all had makeup on their faces, similar to her own but slightly smeared as if they'd sweated some of it off.  She had to admit, they all were quite attractive from what she could see, though the dimly lit restaurant limited her view of their faces. The blonde man, sitting closest beside her started speaking in another language to the rest at the table, his voice deep and quite pleasing to hear honestly. After the first few words she quickly recognized his tongue to be Korean, the language she'd taken in high school as a completer, communicating with Korean foreign exchange students as their guide. She'd be a liar if she called herself fluent but she could work her way around the coversation. To make it easier on them all, she greeted them again in Korean. "Mianhae. Nae ileum-eun Daenerys naega dangsin-ui weiteuliseu ibnida. Dangsin eun eumlyo bad-eul su issseubnikka?" [[ I'm sorry. My name is Daenerys, I am your waitress. Can I get you a drink?] Everything after this point speaking wise is Korean.]] Almost all seven mouths dropped open in surprise as the American girl assimilated to them. A blue haired man with sleepy eyes and an odd dialect was the first to snap out of his stupor, asking her for a water. She nodded in understanding, turning her dark gaze to an orange haired man who eyed her up and down before meeting her eyes with a smirk. "What kinds of alcohol do you have, sweetie?" His smile was breathtaking and his voice left a warm feeling for anyone lucky enough to hear it. She wasn't shaken though, replying in a playful tone as she did with many customers. "Sorry kiddo, we only offer juices with the kids meals. How's fruit punch sound?" She smirked after sending him a playful wink, not wanting him to take the joke too seriously. The blonde man snorted and quiet laughs chorused around the table after she insulted him. The orange haired boy pouted slightly but knowing he didn't have a valid ID, he let it go, his dazzling smile appearing on his lips as he played along. "Sounds perfect! Do I get a coloring book too?" It was her turn to laugh. She nodded before moving her gaze to another boy at the table. With relitively less commotion she went around the table collecting and memorizing their drink orders. Afterwards she assured them she'd return shortly before she sauntered off to the kitchen to prepare the drinks. She supposed it wasn't bad, she could have gotten a table full of drunks or worse, a birthday party. But luckily she'd gotten a few playful guys who seemed to like her jokes. Playful banter = big tips in the serving world. If she played her cards right they'd be all smiles and leave her with a few bucks to end her night peacefully. With a drink tray balanced in he hand she returned to the table, placing the drinks down in front of their owner and setting a children's coloring menu and crayons in front of the playful orange haired man who grinned widely. "Here you go cutie. Now, are we ready to order or do you guys need a few minutes?" Luckily they'd all decided on their orders while she was fetching drinks and she was able to take them down quickly, her cheery mood returning as she realized maybe she wouldn't have to stay too late for this group. After she'd gotten all of their food set out and they'd thanked her she sat down a few tables away to begin rolling silverware for the next day, a chore left for closers each evening. She was too engaged in her task of polishing knives that she didn't notice the orange haired boys gaze on her. She didn't lift her head until the hostesses and her manager said their goodbyes to her, leaving the keys as they left. She returned the gesture before looking back to her silverware, her actions extremely routine without much thought. "Are you so bored that you are cleaning the same spoon for a whole minute?" One boy's voice caused her to stop her actions, realizing he was right. She'd been polishing the same spoon since her manager left. She chuckled softly. "Yeah, I guess I am. Are you so bored that you watched me polish this spoon for a whole minute?" He smiled and for a moment she was taken aback. His smile was literal fucking sunshine. She'd never seen such a perfect grin. "Maybe~ I'm Hoseok, but you can call me J-hope." He flashed his gummy smile again and she couldn't hold back her giggle. Their chatter had caught the other boys attention and this time it was the blonde who spoke up. "I'm Namjoon." "Hello, I am Jin. Thank you for serving us." Ah, she liked this one. His kind eyes and sweet words made her almost melt for him. Such a gentleman.. "Taehyung, but you can call me V!" The boy with light brown hair had an extremely deep voice that didn't quite match his cute face. "Yoongi. This is Jungkook." The blue haired boy had a sleepy expression with a gummy smile and he pointed the a younger boy who was leaning back in his chair half asleep. Looks like somebody is out past their bed time. "And who are you?" She tilted her head, eying up the last of the group. He smirked, his arms over his chest. "Park Jimin. Remember that name, sweetcheeks." She scoffed loudly and V hit Jimin's arm lightly as if to say, 'cut it out'. "So what are you guys up to tonight, make up all done up like that?" She put her silverware down, looking at them. "We are BTS. A hip hop group from South Korea. We just finished up our latest tour in the US but Jungkook misplaced his passport at the last stop so we're stuck here for a few more days till they can get him a new one." Namjoon answered for them, running a hand through his hair tired as he looked at the youngest member. "You guys are a hip hop group?" Daenerys cocked her head to the side. They didn't look like hip hop groups she'd ever seen. "I'll have to check you guys out sometime then." After an hour of playful chatter and teasing the boys were finally ready to leave, their manager waiting for them outside in a rental car. After cashing out their checks and cleaning their table she gave them all hugs goodbye, wishing them well on their, hopefully soon, flight home. Jimin had handed her her tip, a sweet 70$ which was more than gracious for the small amount of food they ordered but tucked inside of the bills was a small napkin with a note attatched. 'Add me on Kakao~' his username was right below it. She laughed and nodded slightly, "Anything for you, kiddo." All 8 of them exited the restaurant together and she locked the doors behind them. The boys started walking to their car before Jin whipped back around. "Nery! Do you need a ride home?" She smiled at his sweet gesture, shaking her head. "It's just a short walk, I'll be fine." The boys nodded, wishing her a good night one last time before they piled into the car, leaving her to walk home. After 20 minutes she was wrapped in the warmth of her apartment living room. She lived alone having just moved out of her parents house just two months ago. The one bedroom apartment was dirt cheap and suited her minimalist lifestyle. Once she'd changed out of her uniform and into a short nightgown she sprawled over the couch, looking for something to watch on tv. A few minutes into her search she remembered the small note given to her. She contemplated messaging him for nearly a half hour before finally hitting send. 'Hey, it's Nery. ' The reply was almost instantaneous as if he'd been waiting to press send as well. 'Took you long enough. What are you doing tonight?' She thought for a few long moments before replying, 'I don't have any plans. Why, what are you doing?' Again, the reply came back in a snap just like the flirty remark would if they were talking face to face. 'Hopefully you. '
The funny thing is Kookie is one of the most responsible of BTS it aeems. Rap Mon, Jimin, and JHOPE seem to lose the.most items.
This little wrecker!!!!!!! Park Jimin, I can't even with you!!!!!
omo Jimin!!! you messing with my feels❤❤❤ tag me in the next story please!!!
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