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Would You Rather have Jiyong as your classmate in Highschool (considering that you're in highschool) or Have TOP as your Roommate? -Comment your answers. Follow the collection if you want more. Check out my new collection: The Dating Games > See the 2nd card if you want to know which BIGBANG member suits your style. Thank you β™₯ Do you want to be tagged on my "Would You Rather?" cards? So that you could be updated. -Just comment "Tag me" The "Would You Rather?" squad: (Located here are the people who wants to be tagged and the followers of the collection) @BlueMoon201 @mayapapaya @Katherina2078 @saraortiz2002 @ZwankimaWalker @H8rt4u @deilig @KwonOfAKind @SyumbiUchicha @Reika12 @GrandPop @ChaoticJae @MikaLewis @Zxenna @yaya12 @screamoparadise @lilbr0wneyes @ElAnCa @obiterdictum @AlexAckerman @BabyLuhan @bangtangirl @marisamusic @ChavaBerry @Sammie99522 @DeathsAngel @SatinSkies @StephyBAP @AnnaArai @abby177 @jaidemae @VeronicaArtino @ViStorm @TerraToyaSi @MichelleIbarra @exobts947 @Starbell808 @JamiMilsap @KarenLi @QueenLele @KiinLyr @CristelaLoz @Maddie27
Jiyong prepare yourself were about to be highschool sweet hearts lmao
Roommate Cuz then we'll fall inlove and live happily ever after
TOP would be way too difficult to live with, although I am giving up access to a good wine collection. So I'm going with GD as a classmate.
Oh. Geez. GAH! I'm gonna have to pick TOP as my roommate. Though, I'm sure we will both find things to be pissed off at each other about. I mean, my sister already makes me twitchy from time to time. I might be happier with GD as a classmate......
plus he'd fill our house with weird furniture
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