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If you've seen enough teen movies, chances are you'll recognize this trope. Nerd girl starts at a new school, gets a crush on the hot jock, and subsequently falls into a horrible prank organized by that hot jock's obnoxiously popular girlfriend.

What do most girls do in this situation? Run away and cry to their Supporting Actress bestie. What does former UFC champion Ronda Rousey do? Well...

Ronda was the host of this week's Saturday Night Life, and unlike that title fight against Holly Holm last year, this time, she certainly delivered.

In this skit, titled Love Struck, Ronda plays a high school new girl who gets pranked by the popular kids - and ends up serving them up a whole lot of whoopass.

No, seriously, SNL cast member Vanessa Bayer gets all the awards for how many times she had to fling herself across this basketball court.

These gifs do only so much justice to the short's whole hilarious video, which you can check out by clicking the YouTube above.

What do you guys think about the skit? Did you watch Ronda's appearance on SNL this weekend? Sound off in the comments below, and for more trending YouTubes, follow my YouTube Nation collection!
Hate to be the dissenting opinion....but that sketch was stupid. I smiled at it, but it was dumb. The throat punch was funny though.
the whole time I was focus on the I don't give a single fuck reaction of the boyfriend
the throat punch had me in tears
@xDaisyDaysx RIGHT? I would pay good money to watch a movie where the nerd girl gets to kick the crap out of the popular girls who try to mess with her.
@buddyesd Never forget your dreams, Ashley Madison Skywalker.
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