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Welcome everyone to part 3 of my prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I have been wanting to write a story in this era for a long time, so I hope you all are liking it!
The years had passed by like lightning, and before Krystal knew it, she was getting JJ ready for the first day of school. "Mommy, what if they don't like me?" he asked, his grey blue eyes full of fear. He had no real way of explaining his royal blue hair to the other kids, and he worried they wouldn't like him for it. Little did he know he possessed his father's gift of charming just about anyone. "You'll be just fine. Remember what I told you, my sweet boy?" she asked, fixing the coller on his uniform shirt. She was sending him to the same private school that Bucky had always dreamed of sending his kids to. She hoped that wherever he was, he was looking down and smiling. JJ rubbed his eyes, looking up at his beautiful mother as she knelt down to him. "You're sure its gonna be okay, mommy?" He was still unsure, but would trust his mother 100%. She had never once steered him wrong in all his life so far. Krystal smiled softly, kissing his little blue haired head. "Everything will be just fine, iubitel. Now run along. Your teacher is waiting!" She smiled as she watched him run off, snapping a photo for his album. Things were gonna be okay.
Once JJ was safe in school, Krystal drove off to her work at the SSR. She and Peggy Carter had become good friends, and she was the only thing the woman had to look forward to at that job. "Would you be a doll and get me a cup of coffee?" her boss would ask, and she would just nod, doing as asked. She wanted to punch in their faces most of the time, but she remained nuetral. A good queen looked at something from every angle, even if it were a misogynistic one. When all the work was done, she went and got her son from school, grinning as she saw he had already made some friends. "See? Everything worked out, just like I said, didn't it?" she asked with a chuckle, hugging him closely before helping him into the car.
Later that night, once JJ was asleep in his bed, the phone wrang. It was peggy. "A mission? I'm in. meet you there." she promised, getting into something that wouldn't attract to much attension. She needed to stay as inconspicuous as possible if she and Peggy were gonna pull this off. In a quick flash of light, she was right next to her best friend, acting innocent. "We're sorry. We just got separated from our friends and got lost" she flawlessly lied to the man before she knocked him out with a punch. This was gonna be fun.
@mcbubbles so glad you liked it! I'll be writing chapter 4 later today.
nice one. its so good
@arnelli Aww thanks! I try to be as fast as I can because my muse is very picky. Next chapter will be up tomorrow. I'm too tired to finish at the moment.
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