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Will Robots Steal Our Jobs?

So, I just read a staggering statistic that I think the rest of you would be equally WTF?! over. According to a study sponsored by the World Economic Forum, humans will be losing an approximate 5.1 million jobs to robots within the next five years.
The study examined 15 different economies across the world, who combined make about 65% of the international workforce. Due to the upward trend of technology and service-oriented robotics, about 7 million jobs will be lost. However, 2 million will be gained due to the progress of technology in these different nations.
As of right now, robots and machinery have begun taking over more general jobs, like cashiers. However, as they become more and more widespread, the World Economic Forum believes that these robots will become smarter and more specialized.

"As entire industries adjust, most occupations are undergoing a fundamental transformation. While some jobs are threatened by redundancy and others grow rapidly, existing jobs are also going through a change in the skill sets required to do them."

A Business Insider report backed up study, adding that the jobs they believe are most at risk are ones involving data entry or more clerical-style operations, including pharmacists, lawyers and paralegals, drivers, astronauts, store clerks, soldiers, babysitters, rescuers, and sportswriters.
(The idea of astronauts being replaced by robots is seriously depressing to me. Space travel is so exciting because humans are doing it!)
CNN also cited a Bank of America sponsored study that added more jobs to the list: bakers, butchers, tour guides, tax collectors, telemarketers, insurance sales agents, retail salespeople, clerks, accountants, and pharmacy technicians. It also added that the manufacturing industry will see a huge boom in robot workforce, increasing 35% by 2025.

"To prevent a worst-case scenario – technological change accompanied by talent shortages, mass unemployment and growing inequality – reskilling and upskilling of today's workers will be critical. It is simply not possible to weather the current technological revolution by waiting for the next generation's workforce to become better prepared."

The good news is that there are still plenty of jobs that are pretty unlikely to be replaced by robots any time soon. Anything involving the arts, empathy, or intuition - such as social work, teaching, or police work - require a type of human interaction that robots just can't replicate. (So next time you're teased about your 'worthless' liberal arts degree, feel free to let them know about the impending robot revolution.)

So what do you guys think? Are robots really going to be taking over so much so quickly? Do you think the government should have any say over how much robotics is used?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more WTF news, follow the WTF Street Journal collection.
@ShinigamiSan @ZacharyStewart @BeannachtOraibh Stephen Hawking had some pretty good thoughts on this (which I'll paraphrase) we shouldn't fear innovation and technology, we should fear the people that control it. There have been plenty of innovations in the past decades that should in theory have made human labor easier and more valuable. Automated check-out is something a machine can do, but only a human can write an amazing book for example. In theory all of these machines taking over labor that is necessary for our survival but not particularly fulfilling (like data entry, farming, retail, and driving) would mean that humans would have more time to do different work. This has been a problem for a long time: We have plenty of food- but instead of prices going down due to the surge in supply, we throw it away.
Hmmmm. I'm curious as to how babysitters & drivers are at the top of the list... I mean I personally wouldn't leave my child with one. Or trust one doing 100km on the highway. It can be quite the game of Think fast. Pothole! here. I kinda thought the entire population would think the same as me on those 2 in general though... Did a robot come up with those stats? Sounds suspiciously like one did. Lol.
You made a really awesome point @shannonl5. I actually think that it's something I fear too, but I really shouldn't. I think that while robots might take some of our jobs, that could leave more opportunity for education, innovation, and NEW job creation. There are plenty of jobs out there that require human brains, not just robotic jobs. I think this might actually leave room for us to create those jobs!
My ISP is about this. I'm currently studying the effects that artificial intelligence will have on our economy in the next 15 years. It is indeed true. @ZacharyStewart
Didn't this type of fear happened before the rise of computer and internet? Online streaming pretty much wiped out the whole video industry (blockbuster anyone?), digitalization made tape recorder and Kodak almost obsolete, but are we worse off? New technologies create new opportunities, we just adapt. There's always gonna be technology advancements therefore changes to the workforce.
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Man Builds A Robot Scarlett Johansson Because, Obviously.
Here's some breaking news in the realm of Earth's impending robot takeover. It seems that one Hong Kong robotics enthusiast has fulfilled his 'childhood dream' of designing a robot and his (probable) adult dream of being able to hit on Scarlett Johansson by creating Mark 1, his very first humanoid robot. Okay, so Ricky Ma, the man in question, will not flat-out admit that Mark 1 was designed to look like Scarlett Johansson, but he does say that he was 'inspired by a Hollywood actress' which is probably dodgy robotics dude speak for 'I made a Robo-ScarJo.' The entire project cost Ma roughly $51,000 to create the robot, who was made mostly of 3D-printed plastics, silicone, and various hardware. Mark 1 has the ability to talk, walk, and make natural facial expressions - including a smirk when you tell her she's pretty. Because, of course, he programmed her that way. Yo, Ricky, you might want to cool off on hitting on Artificial Life ScarJo. (We've all seen 'Her'. We know how that'll end.) But anyway... Ma intends to sell the prototype to a major investor and help develop more and more versions of Mark 1, a robot he sees as extremely useful as our technology capabilities only continue to evolve. Could you imagine a fleet of Robo-ScarJos built to help run our banks, medical offices, or even retail centers? How do you think Scarlett feels about this? Let me know what YOU think about Ricky Ma and his Robot Johansson below. And for more strange tech news, follow my Weird Science collection!
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Since the 20s century, much advanced technology reach to significant progress and are applied in various traditional industrial. Today we will introduce a successful application example of laser technology in industry floor, that is laser screed. What is laser screed Although laser screed is an excellent advanced machine, it was came into being in 80s of last century. As bulk production of laser equipment in resent years, its price is constantly decreased, it is more and more common in construction of industrial floor. It uses laser emitter to launch a standard laser flat,then it use laser receiver on the machine to react the position where the laser flat is on. Then controller on the machine adjusts and controls leveling head of the machine according to laser position, so as to conduction leveling operation to concrete. So laser screed is a high-precision leveling equipment for concrete, it takes laser launched by emitter as datum plane and controls leveling head through laser receiver on laser screed machine. Application area--widely in various various floor Laser screed machine can be widely used in various indoor and outdoor floor projects. Indoor floor includes various industrial plant, workshop, warehouse, large shopping center, logistic center, exhibition center, underground parking and so on. Outdoor floor includes various wharf, container warehouse, logistics freight yard, airport landing field, outdoor parking, square, residence floor and municipal administration pavement and so on. Laser screed is applicable for various construction of large concrete floor. Low investment, high precision, fast construction for floor, economical labor. Recent years, laser positioning equipment is widely used in various large and small projects, which makes it is produced in bulk, and its price is constantly decreased. Cost of laser screed machine is gradually decreased, now to obtain a laser screed machine you only need a small investment, and its usage investment is also very low. Taking hiking ev850-2t walk behind laser screed as an example. The machine is produced by Hiking machinery, it has a high quality and low price. The machine uses Leica laser system, it is totally controlled by computer system, its quality and precision are excellent, but its price no more than 20 thousand dollars. The machine applies Honda power system, so it has perfect stability, its breakdown is 0 within three years. Its fuel consumption is also low so investment after purchase of the machine is low. The machine uses laser positioning system, so it saves lots of formwork during construction. Meanwhile is will saves lots of labor costs, shorten construction period. So compared with saved labor cost, machine investment is insignificant. As mentioned above, the machine uses Leica laser system, it has excellent precision. Precision of laser system can reach to about 1mm, application of laser screed machine will greatly increase FL value of floor. Independent layout and large area whole pouring of laser emitter ensure consistency of ground level. Partitioning construction of large area will decrease construction joint, greatly decrease later maintenance cost of floor. What’s more, the machine can set slope. It can construct on floor with slope, so it is applicable for various floor project.   Construction speed with laser screed is very fast, especially when the machine is used cooperate with ride on power trowel. Generally speaking, construction area can reach to 3000sq/day it those two machines are used together. It only needs 6-8 constructors, construction speed is very fast, it can save labor investment. As we said above, applications of laser screed and trowel machine greatly enhance construction speed and quality of industry floor. If you are concrete floor contractor in 2020, you should know about those advanced construction equipment. Increasing construction efficiency, saving labor cost and enhancing construction quality are only part of advantages of laser screed of ride on power trowel. The most important is that they are a good advertisement, they are the symbol of your enterprise, which can help you obtain more projects.
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What is average cost of custom software?
Due to the recent advancement in technology, people are tending to use modern technologies. Starting from small to large business organizations, everyone is now relying on software. The big to medium size organizations are creating customized software so that they can fulfill their business requirements. But developing the software might be an expensive project and it might turn out into a loss project. Make sure you read this article very carefully since we are going to highlight the average price to develop software. Before that let's learn about the key things that determine the price of the software. Modules and complexities If you are trying to develop complex software with many complicated modules, you should expect to spend a big sum of money. On the contrary, if you start developing the software with few modules with less complicated features, you are not going to need a big sum of money. Based on the modules and complexities, the price of the software greatly varies. So, never try to stack the software with unnecessary modules as it increases the cost and the development process becomes complicated. Local developer’s vs. outsourcing the software The development cost of any software greatly depends on the local developers. If you start working with the established companies that have a proven track record, you are going to pay heavy fees. For these very reasons some of the companies often prefer to outsource the software as greatly reduces the cost. However, you need to know the details of the Software cost estimation before you close a deal with a company. And remember the fact, the language which will be used to develop the software is the most important element to price the software. The average cost for skilled professionals If you intend to work with a c# developer you should expect to spend $75-$150 per hour. And when it comes to front end development the associated cost goes down to a great extent. You can start paying the front end developers to $50-$75 per hour. However, the well-reputed software companies might charge $400 or above depending on the complexities of the project. So, based on your project time you can now calculate the average cost to develop software for your business. To give you brought estimation, mobile apps with limited features can cost $20k- 80k. On the contrary, more sophisticated tools might exceed $100k. Is better to buy the readymade software Some of you might think the development process is very expensive and it’s better to buy ready-made software. But the readymade software doesn’t have enough security and most importantly the source code can be found in the online servers. So, if your company is a concern with data security, it’s worth to get your software development by skilled professionals. Though it will be a time cost, you might have to higher the programmers in the future for adding more modules. The ready-made software might be the perfect solution too small to medium size business but for the large companies is nothing but a waste of time and money. Learn to take smart steps Don’t think the software development process is always very expensive. You can exact to develop software around $10k budget by seeking help from the trained professionals. But for that, you must hire skilled programmers who know the INS and OUT of the software industry. Working with the untrained professionals increases the risk and you might not even get your desired product. Instead of taking quick decisions, try to outsource software developing companies since they can give you a very competitive price. Most importantly, they will assign a dedicated project manager who will keep in touch with your representatives so that the project gets completed within the deadline and meets your expectations.
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Benzema thay thế CR7 làm đối trọng với Messi tại Laliga
Benzema thay thế CR7 làm đối trọng với Messi tại Laliga – KEO7M.COM xem truc tiep bongda mien phi hom nay euro 2020. Cả 2 tiền đạo Lionel Messi (Barcelona) và Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) đều đang thể hiện phong độ khá ấn tượng ở La Liga mùa này. Vậy trong mùa giải Real sắp soán được ngôi vô địch của Barca, ai trong số 2 cái tên kể trên xứng đáng được xem là ông vua tại sân chơi số 1 xứ sở đấu bò? Con số thống kê kèo bóng đá 25/2 Lịch thi đấu, kết quả, BXH Bundesliga trực tiếp bóng đá châu á hôm nay Nếu chỉ nhìn vào những con số thống kê đơn thuần, rõ ràng Messi phải xếp trên tiền đạo người Pháp của đội bóng Hoàng gia Tây Ban Nha. Thật vậy, ngay cả khi đã “tịt ngòi” 3 trận liên tiếp, Messi vẫn đang dẫn đầu danh sách vua phá lưới La Liga với 22 lần làm tung lưới đối phương (hơn Benzema 3 bàn). Xét về khả năng kiến tạo, siêu sao người Argentina lại càng vượt trội so với Benzema. Anh hiện là cây chuyền tốt nhất La Liga với 20 lần dọn cỗ cho đồng đội ghi bàn (cao gấp 4 lần Benzema). Chưa dừng lại ở đó, Messi còn tích cực phối hợp với đồng đội ở 1/3 phần sân gần cầu môn đối phương hơn (795 đường chuyền so với 504). Những con số biết nói Khi chuyền bóng với tần suất cao như vậy, cũng dễ hiểu khi Messi tạo ra nhiều cơ hội nguy hiểm hơn so với Benzema (65 so với 58). Cũng cần phải nói thêm rằng, Benzema không thể sánh được với “số 10” của Barca về độ sắc sảo do tỷ lệ chuyển hóa cơ hội thành bàn thắng của anh chỉ đạt 18,63%. Trong khi đó, có đến 21,15 % số pha dứt điểm của Messi đánh bại được thủ thành đối phương. Tính bình quân, Messi chỉ cần 122 phút để ghi 1 bàn, còn Benzema cứ phải sau 158 phút mới ghi được tên mình lên bảng tỷ số. Tuy tốt như cả hai còn có thể tốt hơn nữa Tuy thi đấu không tồi, nhưng cả Messi và Benzema nhìn chung đều không phải đang có mùa giải bùng nổ nhất. Bằng chứng là kể từ mùa 2008/09 tới nay, chưa bao giờ Messi ghi ít bàn như bây giờ. Chính xác thì anh cần phải “nổ súng” ở cả 2 vòng còn lại thì mới có thể vượt qua thành tích ghi 23 bàn ở mùa 2008/09 là mùa đầu tiên HLV Pep Guardiola nắm quyền ở Barca. Cần phải nhấn mạnh rằng, đó là mùa Messi chỉ cần trung bình 109 phút để ghi 1 bàn thắng. Ở khả năng chớp cơ hội, thành tích hiện giờ của Messi còn kém cả 2 mùa anh tỏ ra vô duyên nhất là các mùa 2015/16 và 2017/18 (tỷ lệ chuyển hóa cơ hội thành bàn đều là 22,22%). Messi đang dẫn đầu danh sách ghi bàn và kiến tạo ở La Liga mùa này Về phần Benzema, đây cũng chẳng phải là mùa giải tốt nhất của anh, bất chấp thực tế Real coi như đã chạm được 1 tay vào chức vô địch. Với 19 bàn ghi được sau 36 vòng, cựu tiền đạo Lyon cần thêm 5 lần “nổ súng” nữa mới có thể cân bằng kỷ lục ghi 24 bàn ở La Liga mùa 2015/16. Nên nhớ, đó là mùa giải mà Benzema không ghi bàn thắng nào từ chấm đá 11m. Có một chi tiết không thể bỏ qua là kể từ khi gia nhập Real, có đến 8 mùa giải Benzema chuyển hóa cơ hội thành bàn thắng tốt hơn mùa này. Benzema đang trải qua mùa giải cao về kiến tạo Tóm lại, thực ra vai trò của Benzema ở Real cũng không quá nổi bật như nhiều người nghĩ. Anh được đánh giá là chủ công của “Kền kền trắng” hiện giờ có lẽ chủ yếu là do siêu sao Cristiano Ronaldo đã rời Bernabeu để chuyển sang Serie A khoác áo Juventus. Kết luận từ những nhận định trên Căn cứ vào những con số biết nói kể trên, Messi rõ ràng là cầu thủ xuất sắc và toàn diện hơn Benzema, dù ai cũng thấy cuộc đua tới ngôi vô địch La Liga 2019/20 coi như đã ngã ngũ. Barca đương nhiên phải cảm ơn Messi vì những đóng góp to lớn của cầu thủ này, nhưng họ cũng cần hiểu bóng đá là môn thể thao tập thể chứ không phải cá nhân. Đội chủ sân Nou Camp đơn giản không thể cứ dựa mãi vào “phép thuật” của một mình Messi để mong có thể cạnh tranh với Real, đội bóng ngoài Benzema ra còn có những nhân tố khác luôn sẵn sàng tạo ra khác biệt nếu cơ hội đến. Bài viết cùng chuyên mục: Pogba mu dang dần cải thiện và hoàn hảo hơn Malaysia mất vũ khí Kalonda khi gặp VN ở vòng loại World Cup Guardiola tuyển thêm nhân sự tranh cúp vô địch với Liver mùa sau Đã có kết quả bốc thăm tứ kết Champions League 2020 Những HLV lo lắng sau lễ bốc thăm Champions League Những CLB lo lắng sau lễ bốc thăm Champions League Heerenveen kệt tiền nên không giữ nổi Văn Hậu Bức tâm thư của Đoàn Văn Hậu Thần đồng Jude Bellingham đã vào tay Dortmund Neuer và De Gea đang được so sánh để thay máu ở MU Chưa vô địch Real đã bán áo in cúp vô địch Dự Champions League mục tiêu hiện tại của MU Carreras của Real Madrid đã đầu quân cho MU Park Hang Seo đi xem giò các cầu thủ xứ Nghệ Benzema thay thế CR7 làm đối trọng với Messi tại Laliga
Get Paid To Cuddle Goats!
Feeling the strain of your office job? Has stress reached an all-time high? Maybe you're looking for something a little more? Well, fortunately, you're in luck, as a Virginia-based dairy farm is looking to hire volunteers to cuddle their goats. That's right. You - yes, you! - can be a professional goat cuddler. Caromont Farm is mainly a dairy purveyor, and its base farm in Esmont, Virgninia houses several cows and goats, and as the farm strives to ethically care for the livestock in their possession, all the animals are grass-fed and cared for by someone they describe as an 'assistant goat herds(wo)man'. (That could be you. If you get the job, that is.) According to the official job posting, in order to be an aforementioned goat-cuddling herdsman, these are the requirements the company expects from applicants: Able to lift 50 pounds Committed to local food and agriculture Works well independently and on a team Willing to take initiative Excited to learn Goat lover! Spanish speaking a plus+ Am I the only one that's a little confused as to why something like Spanish-speaking is required to hang out with goats? Anyway, if you know someone in the Virginia area that is willing to get their snuggle on with a billy goat, feel free to send them to the official volunteer website, where they'll be able to sign up for a four-hour cuddle shift. For the rest of you, I just want to know this: Would YOU want to become a professional goat cuddler? Or does your fear of intimacy extend to livestock? (Just kidding. I just wanted to make a creepy joke.) Anyway, leave your thoughts in the comment area below, and for more WTF news, follow the WTF Street Journal collection!