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BigBang Scavenger Hunt 01.20.16
BigBang Hand Ritual
Least favorite Taeyang Hairstyle - looool its still OK but he kinda remind me of a goat like that
BigBang in the recording studio
A memeber dressed as a woman OMG i seriously cant pic a favorite but seungris looks the best bc he looks like one cute n nice unnie πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
GDs most outrageous outfit
all the members signatures
panda fan art
bigbang spek English
this pillow haha
this is a GIF.. but my phone just wont save it as a GIF
make helixx laugh with bigbang stuff . *BUGbang
EXTRA CREDIT: other groups react to bigban
EXTRA CREDIT: make helixx laugh - last pic, me in this moment haha
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You need to tag two people. Other than that, great job!
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@Helixx done (:
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