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In our last Slang Lesson about 짱, @saraortiz2002 brought up a really good question...

What about 대박?

대박, like 짱, is used to mean AWESOME!

대박 technically means "jackpot!" or "great success" so you use to describe someTHING that is really awesome (but not really a person)

You CAN say someone's feature is 대박...Like "Hakyeon's legs are 대박" hahaha but if I'm talking about just Hakyeon I'd use 짱 :D

BAP is here to help you pronounce it!

Start listening at 1:16

너너너 널 이제 만난 건 아 진짜 대박사건
You you you – meeting you is really an awesome accident.

Have you recently felt like saying 대박!?

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I say sometime
2 years ago·Reply
When you watch Kdramas on a daily basis this word becomes part of your vocabulary 😆
2 years ago·Reply
I always hear this in running man
2 years ago·Reply
i actually used that today in statistics passing notes to my friend lol
2 years ago·Reply
Lol I'm thinking 대박 a lot in my head these days but not really out loud
2 years ago·Reply