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Rumors are flying all over the internet that Beyonce is pregnant after pics of her baby bump hit the web! According to MediaTakeOut Bey is "two months" pregnant and hopes that she can HIDE her pregnancy until she's OUT of her first trimester. The insider explains, "Only photos that do not show her stomach up close are released to the public." She plans on making her official pregnancy announcement next month at the BET Awards! Congrats! We're told that Bey planned on making the OFFICIAL announcement next month . . . at the BET AWARDS.
@Saravy I guess Money and Fame come with Huge prices! it's not as glamorous as what we think
@shoenami I'm not saying she's not, just that it would be very embarrassing for her if she wasn't. >_< Artists are weird, I don't care who they are, so I'm not surprised by that demand. XD
@Saravy right! and have you heard that taking professional pics of her in her concerts is not allowed? There must be some reasons why
I hope she's pregnant, cause that would be too sad if she wasn't and she just hasn't lost the pregnancy fat, and people were pointing this out...
wow.. that's why she's hinting that they want to have more kids!