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All fairy tail fans please shut up so I can enjoy vingle again, thank you.
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@InVinsybll if someone puts themselves that far into a fanbase and says it sucks, you have to expect that fanbase to lash out at them. Especially the way he said it.
good lash as you please
@Alletaire there's no good done on either end. lashing out doesn't help. just ignore hate and carry on.
@InVinsybll I was the one telling him to ignore the fairy tail posts (thereby avoiding the hate) instead of just being a prick about it. So for one I'm not the one lashing out here. Also, if Fairy Tail has taught me anything, it's that you don't leave a friend behind, but instead you support them the best they can. So I'm supporting the opposing force in this little shin-dig
The best you can* not the best they can