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So I was wrong.

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. But I still have to give Brady and Gronk for putting up a good fight. It was a great game from both sides, but the Broncos defense was just too good. However, I wasn't the only one that appreciated last night's game.

Athletes really had a blast out of the game and they weren't shy to acknowledge the great Peyton Manning.

Slide through the pictures to look at different reactions of athletes on Twitter about Peyton Manning.

What were all y'alls reactions from last night's game?

Comment below to make your tribute to Peyton Manning!
Or just about the game like good old OBJ.
woo-who! FUCK THE PATRIOTS!!! XD Lol
It was a great game. Scary at the end, thought Brady was going to make one of his famous comebacks. It's an interesting Super Bowl, let's see if Manning has one left in him
@Straightshooter Hahahaha I feel like that would be your Tweet if you had to post one
@TylerDurso Hahaha yeah, I really thought Brady and the Pats were going to pull this one off!