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TRANSLATION: Hi everyone, it’s been awhile, how are you doing? I recently shot a very interesting interactive advertising, is in a form that can be shot together with everyone! I am really looking forward to the effect, very soon we will meet^^ 好久不 见,最近过得好吗?我最近拍了一个很有趣的互动广告,是可以和大家一起拍的形式哦!所以我也非常期待效果怎么样,马上就会和大家见面啦^^ 여러분 오랫만이에요. 그 동안 잘 지내셨나요? 저는 최근에 재미있는 광고를 찍었어요! 여러분과도 같이 광고를 찍을 수 있다니 너무 기대 되네요.
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i love hair style.
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