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Want to know which BIGBANG member suits your style? Try this out! β™₯ Please Follow the instructions. (I uploaded this before but I accidentally deleted it)
Choose one that suits your style and Don't forget to Comment the number of the shoes. Then wait for the next card to know which BIGBANG member suits your style. Follow the collection if you want more. Do you want to be tagged? So that you could be updated in my next posts. - Comment "Tag me" I'll automatically tag the people who participated in this game so that they'll know the result of their answer. Hope you enjoy it! β™₯ Spread the Love! β™₯ The Dating Games Squad: (Located here are the ones who wants to be tagged) @ParkMinRin13 @chiduyen @Annaharris1989 @KeziahWright @Ercurrent @HurdKpop @SarahHm11 @bryyyaanna @JazminCalderon @MaggieHolm @BlueMoon201
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Tag me please!
#1 tag me please
1, 2 and 5... ugh decisions decisions!!
#1 for sure.